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Dec 23, 2016

Essay on Tiger for Class 2

Tiger is the member of the cat family. It is a carnivorous animal which is ferocious in its instincts. The family of cats is called Felidae and tiger falls under Pantherinae subfamily.

Their natural habitat is Asia and they are mostly found in grasslands and rain forests. During 20th century 100,000 tigers were alive worldwide but according to the statistics, in 2014, 3,200 tigers remain in the world, which implies that the live rate of tigers has dropped by 97 percent. Tigers are often killed for sport and folk remedies which are the reasons for the downfall of the big cats. The stripes on the tiger's body act like a camouflage and help them escape from human attacks.

Essay on Tiger for Class 2

The different species of tiger includes Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, South China tiger, Javan tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Caspian tiger, Indochinese tiger, Bali tiger. The tiger hybrids are Linger which results from the mating of a male lion and a tigress and Tigon is a result from the mating of a male tiger and a lioness. The tiger colours include a golden tiger and white tiger. The white tiger is formed because of the allele called chinchilla albinistic. The colour of the golden tiger is sometimes called 'golden tabby' and a young tiger is called a cub.

Thus we can conclude by saying that tigers are the majestic creatures created by God and we should join hands to help and save the endangered species because each and every life matters in this world.

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