Mar 3, 2017

Essay on 'First Day of my Job'

Anxiety rushed through my nerve as soon as I opened my eyes, the calendar beside the corner of my table read "Jan 9th" which was circled with a red mark. It was that moment of my life where I had to enter the geeky, serious world of young adults where work rides your mind non-stop but the antidote to it is the monthly paycheck, which makes you buy all the chewy materials.

Trying to press a crisp shirt was not a big task but to wear that gaudy shirt with a weary smile made me feel like I was really not 'ready' but the God-Speed time made me rush to my destination, which was two blocks ahead from where I lived. "Just be relaxed", I said to myself.

essay on firs day of my job

As I entered the ground floor of the building which read "Utopian Magazine", it made me smile because this was the real reason why I had changed my work genre from corporate to photography. Every soul who is an apprentice to me said that it is too late to follow something unusual or crazy but I had stuck to the phrase "It is never too late for anything". As I entered, all the young adults looked at me as though they had been caught up for doing something wrong. I imagined that people were smirking and taunting behind my back which made me want to faint but I still had that corporate stiffness in me.

"Rajesh Kanth," said a loud voice and as I turned the young adult's call, he started calling out more names who were in the photography genre. We all went into the auditorium to have a talk with the head of photography. Everyone started introducing themselves and when the introduction part came to me, my heart was beating like a horse racing a full perimeter. I introduced myself quite firmly and made everyone amused with my reason as to why I had taken this step at this age. I never expected to have a friendly atmosphere with my colleagues but they really had appreciated my guts to live life to the fullest.

After the introduction session, everyone was assigned projects for the week and we had to work in pairs. I was paired with Atul who was a drop out from college to pursue his passion. We had almost similar stories but with different subtitles. Our topic for the work was "Unusual", we had to click pictures which were unusual yet inspiring and attractive. We tried to find unusualness in almost everything we saw, starting from flora and fauna to antique objects to historical places to regular objects. I must say that I was having the 'late' time of my life. At least I was happy that I had gained happiness in searching unusual things. I realised that photography was not just photography but it was an art which has the power to change the life of people for good measures and means.

Thus, the first day at my office was worth going for.

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