Mar 10, 2017

Essay"Large amount of money is invested in Space Programme . It can be used in helping the poor countries." Write your view in for or against the statement

We mostly belong to a capitalist country where a large amount of stash is involved in or invested in scientific or astronomical programmes which always, undeniably, costs a tonne.

It is estimated that Apollo 11 consumed a whopping $355 million. The fathomable question which can be raised is that, what is termed to be important? Is it the fact that the similar amount of cash could have saved millions of lives? or the possibility of reaching to a point which cannot be termed to be surely successful?

essay on investment in space programme

Based on subjective perspective, the lives of known people are far more worth than finding new species or it can also be said that leaving the known and searching for the unknown is truly being in a state of fool's paradise. It is very important to develop or find new meaning which is closer to hearth than having a submissive approach towards an unfathomable goal. Developing what is closer to you is far more worth than developing something which might lead you into a loophole.

The moment we wake up, we read daunting realities of hundreds and hundreds of people living the life of despair. It is unnerving to see that the 'dollar-eyed' turn 'blind eye' because they know the reality but still act in an ignorant way. It can be strongly said that it is indeed possible to use all the 'green paper' in developing the lives of poor people because saving the underprivileged is far more worth than conducting indefinite programmes which can also be the real reason of loss of lives of those who are involved in conducting the programme.

We can only truly develop when we have made our brotherhood a developed and thriving race and it is only then we will be truly able to take a leap forward and developing the future which may result in better opportunities. It is cringing to notice that these so-called 'space programmes' sometimes turn out to be futile and results in wastage of money and lives, it would have been more productive in utilising the money, first handed, on the race which is striving hard to make the ends meet. It is no doubt true that these space programmes have inscribed a symbol of excellence in the face of the ignorant but the cost of reaching those 'infinite heights' is very shallow when compared to the despaired eyed.

Thus the conclusion could be easily assumed that it is the time to change the minds of the 'dollar-eyed' into 'awoken eye' which will result in far better results in terms of development. A race can truly develop when each and everyone is developed and it is only then we will be able to make truly and just full development in the eyes of each and every person.

Real happiness and achievement are not in the progress of few people but in the progress of entire brotherhood.

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