Mar 30, 2018

Composition 'You have just returned from a flood-affected area....

You have just returned from a flood-affected area. Describe what you saw and what needs to be done for the rehabilitation of the people.

Catastrophe is a major incident which affects the lives of so many people.

Due to the natural circumstances, catastrophes sometimes cannot be predicted, or it becomes so huge that it can be termed as fatal to so many people. The wrath of nature is truly seen in these events and also leaves a deep impact on the lives of people and is also sometimes recorded in history.

You have just returned from a flood-affected area

Floods were just tales in the book to me until I actually faced it. It was devastating to see a society being shattered because of floods and many lives being lost. There was nothing but pain everywhere. Because of the untimely flood, nothing could be done properly. Everything I knew or saw was lost, nature and the animals were also affected. People were desperately trying to take shelter anywhere. Even the crops were damaged to a great extent and because of all the destruction due to floods, the society couldn't revive for a long time.

The experience of it was truly devastating and saddening. After facing the experience, I think that a lot of measures should be taken to prevent the floods. Through the tech machines, the impact of floods should be predicted and for the rehabilitation of people, proper measures should be taken by the government to relocate the people to a new place, until the present effected place is restored. The place is not only the matter of concern but people too where the people should be consoled or counselled because of the devastation they have faced.

In order to make sure that nothing of this sort happens again, a lot of future measures should be taken by the government where they should keep a special service ready when these type of emergency situations are faced and the hospitals should also be ready to handle such situations efficiently. Last but not the least, we as a society should also take active measures in making our environment neat and clean.

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