Mar 23, 2018

Essay on 'A memorable incident in my life on a tourist place like Shrinagar'

Incidents, those Freaking moments which made your life to rule to another track from the present one.

Incidents never occur after a message, they Just come and Jumble your thinking for the current Situations.

Essay on A memorable incident in my life on a tourist place like Shrinagar

I can't forget that trip with my college mates in the year 2005. We were super excited for the trip. We planned each and everything that we were gonna do in our target location KASHMIR. We all were having Our First Visit to one of the Most Beautiful Place in India.

The Beauty of Jammu & Kasmir was truly terrifying and incredible. Our group was having about 12 members. Some of us were not so adventurous they just want to roam at some places and then to take rest from where we started. Except those we all decided to feel more adventure.

We decided to take a view of those places in Jammu & Kashmir where the firing is most likely to happen. Next day, we eight group members reached at one of the dangerous places in Kashmir, The Line of Control and The Wagah Border. Somewhere beside our excitement, we all were scared of firing which takes place frequently under these areas. After some inspection we all decided to go back to our team. When we are about to pass The Heart of J&K, Srinagar we found some people running towards us and shouting- "Go, Get Safe They Are Coming!" We were confused that what's gonna happen now. Then we saw a huge herd of people having stones in their hands, massive anger and mask covered face running towards us. We all got completely shocked and freaked because that was our first time to Srinagar and we got trapped in such a disastrous situation. People in the houses beyond us called us to get a shelter and then we saw the BORDER SECURITY FORCE having wooden sticks and shields in their hands coming ahead to stop the herd of those hyper people. Suddenly the pothole started. Every one was fully scared from bottom to top. We saw many rocks dropped a few meters away from us. The pothole continued for next 5 hours. About 15-20 fearless soldiers got severely hurt and wounded because of that encounter strike.

All of us got really shocked and freaked about what was this. We were not having words to describe our fear against this ultraviolent and goosebumps hanging up situation. But that time beyond that disastrous violence, we also saw the pride of our Indian Army. They were super fearless. They were not thinking about themselves, they were thinking about the innocent people in the houses. This is what we called the honor of Indian Army. My this unforgettable incident changed my life for ever. I was in deep False that everything is easy but that time I really found that - YES THE THINGS ARE EASIER BUT ONLY FOR THAT TIME WHEN YOU BECOME FEARLESS... Every time when somebody asks me about my top freaking incident, this incident comes on my lips...

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