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Jun 1, 2018

Short Essay on Radio for class 5

The radio is one of the oldest means of recreation at a small cost. It was very popular with young people; who can listen to the running commentary of games of football and cricket.

It helped businessman by broad- casting commercial news of all sort in past time. It was informing them of that time current prices of important things every day. The Radio played an important role in the education of boys and girls giving them talks on geography, history, literature, science and general knowledge. In today's time too radio is providing cheapest means of news, information and entertainment. The radio is now coming at dirt prices due to advancement in electronics industries.

Short Essay on Radio for class 5

In past time the Government used to give information of its activities to the public through radio. Urgent and useful information was also announced through radio. Farmers were taught the improved methods of cultivation, and illiterate persons got knowledge of common laws of health and sanitation through radio. Once upon a time radio was a must for every house in those times.

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