May 25, 2018

Essay on Capital Punishment To Be Abolished for Class 12

The controversy of the existence of Capital Punishment has been in the legal scenario for a very long time now. With many people taking capital punishment as not the justice which would serve any human right and on the other hand there are people who believes it is a good and fair way of punishing those who deserve it.

What is Capital Punishment? Capital Punishment is the judgment given to someone who has been caught guilty in some crime or absolutely unlawful thing and involves taking their lives under a legal procedure. It is hence also known as the death penalty.

Essay on Capital Punishment To Be Abolished for Class 12

Even though many countries have suspended capital punishment as much as they could, some countries still prefer this medium of justice popularly. But there are many reasons which makes capital punishment inappropriate and therefore there have been appeals and concerns about this medium. Reasons to Abolish Capital Punishment Over the years different reasons have surfaced which has appealed capital punishment to be abolished completely. Different controversies have come up over the years against this topic and all of them stood their ground based on certain propagations and justifications. Let us have a look at some of them.

● Since justice and all the legal trials are conducted by humans, there can be biased and inclined verdicts and decisions against someone. Therefore, there is always a risk of an innocent individual or individuals getting executed for someone else's crime or barbarism.

● Death penalty violates the very basic freedom and right of every individual who is under the constitution. It undermines the fact that every individual has a right to remain alive under every legal procedure or at least defend his or her case to avoid capital punishment.

● Capital Punishment does not put a stop or prevent further crimes from getting happened. On the contrary, in many countries law enforcement officials and lawyers have been pleading rigorously to abolish the decision of any court to take a death penalty.

● Even though capital punishment is much thought about and is agreed upon after a lot of discussions or public opinion, it can be easily manhandled or influenced by some external factors and therefore true justice will not be delivered to the suspect.

So as you can see that there are various reasons which has united many sections of the people and law enforcement authorities to stand against capital punishment. The most important thing that they have been propagating that every human has the right to live and given the deserved punishment under legal procedures. But taking away a person's life which in some cases can also be of an innocent, is absolutely not appropriate and as per the basic democratic laws.

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