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Aug 10, 2018

Composition on Computers made life easy or Complex and Stressful

Title detail:It is said that computers have made life easier and more convenient. However some people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. Express your opinion giving specific reasons.

If we’d think about computers in the past, technological boom gave hope to people; it made people believe that progress in technology meant a happier and simpler life. A new computer and the ability to send E-mail in minutes was the shiny new toy which everyone craved for. It gave people hope because it meant new jobs and a fresh venture into something which was only a dream for people. Sending letters was no longer considered because E-mail was the fastest means of communication. Computers did not only change the way we communicated to one another, it also changed the way we shopped and how we perceived the business. It also gave us a major leap into science and outer space.

Composition on Computers made life easy or Complex and Stressful

Fast forward into the present times, computer or PC is almost into every household and with Wi-Fi into the picture, it seems like we can do everything by typing one keyword into Google. Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook became, more or less, a masquerade party. A computer on our desk is similar to a dream which was once perceived in a pure and sincere manner. We did all the hard work in order to perceive that dream but as time passed, all we could care about was acquisition and the dream lost its original meaning. It is true that computers were made to make our lives easier, but we were too late to realise that computers took over our lives. It has not only made us lethargic and lazy but has also made us forget the true meaning of our lives. All we care, at this present moment, is how to be popular on social media platforms. We are failing to live in the present moment and are isolating ourselves into the four walls where we are not being true to ourselves. It has surely complicated our lives because all we do is stare at the screen which fetches us nothing but disappointment. Over the years, internet and computer working as the evil duo, it has been noted that suicide rates have been increased over the years because computers have caused a lot of depression, insecurity issues, body shaming issues, etc.

My point of view is quite different. Real problems of computerisation and advancement is still to come. We human beings are preparing our death material by losing our peace and happiness and indulging ourselves in complexity and mess of life. Only critical illness will come in our hand instead of health and prosperity. Madness of advancement is dangerous for the society. Computer is concentrating wealth into one hand. If we will not balance the job between computerisation and real working human resources then it is the day not far from us when human resources will have no work and economic balance will vanish from our society.

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