Aug 24, 2018

Essay on Skill and Knowledge for School Students

Skill and knowledge is the two sides of a coin. One is incomplete without other but in few cases skill surprises the knowledge.

Skill sometimes becomes intrinsic attribute of an individual because no one succeeds to a particular function in a particular way way in the society or in the country or sometimes in the world. Skill of throwing dialogue in a film by an actor in a manner loved by all cannot be imitated perfectly. Flying an Aeroplane by a skilled pilot is a quality that is not easy. Developing a business from scratch and dragging it to an unbelievable height in one's life is not a piece of cake. Fighting for life in absence of parents for an orphan is something most difficult for anyone on this planet. it is the skill of the child that provide a way of living in current scenario of competition for existance.

Essay on Skill and Knowledge for School Students

I realised skill manytimes in a garage and small shops where skill of few child surprised me. Knowledge of singing can be achieved by many but not the uniqueness of respected Lata ji. Skill of singing of respected Lata Mangeskar is one in the world.

Knowledge provide a 360 know how about something we interested. In school knowledge is shared by teachers is equal but it is the skill of few students who become successful for achieving more knowledge than the less skilled students.

Knowledge of football game create a football player but skill of few player create a scorer and match winner.

The whole conclusion is that we should achieve knowledge to boost our inherent skills to achieve success in our life.

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