Aug 31, 2018

Essay on Experience of Giving up all Luxuries for a week and led a simple life

Haven’t you ever felt that we are running the battle of life to grab all luxuries in our pockets?

With the advancement of the technology, we have become a mechanic and run after trivial materialistic things. Though we fill our wallets with coins and wardrobes with fashionable clothes, we take nothing when we die. So it is high time to understand that giving up all luxuries and leading a simple life will bring the essence of our lives. How will you feel if you give up all the luxuries for a week and practice a simple life? In the beginning, you will merely consider it as a nuisance, but with time you will get used to the wonders it offers.

When you lead a simple life, you will not care about your appearance or how you look. It does not mean that you will ignore cleaning yourself. You will not be concerned about how others look and judge us through our outer appearance. You will choose simple attires that do not grab other’s attention. As the saying goes “Happiness is found in simple things”, you will eventually recognize that the simpler you are, the more it will be easy to live.

sunrise through mountain water stream and animal

Another important experience we undergo when leading a simple life is the loss of attention to monetary gains. When you are running a tough tied life routine, you will always pay your intense attention to earning money, the ways to earn more and fill the pocket. But it is evident that when we give up all luxuries and live a simple life, we will not be interested in earning more. It is true that we will earn money, but it will be just the ample amount we need to lead the simple lifestyle.

The most highlighted experience in a simple lifestyle would be the curtailment of the competition among people. When we are living simply, we lose the will to compete with one another. When you have realized that competing with the people is meaningless, you become humble to accept the verity of life. Though it will be onerous to give up luxuries and lead a simple life, deciding to live simply will be one of the supreme milestones in one’s life as it moulds up a petty human being into a worthy soul

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