Oct 26, 2018

Essay on Nationalism by action is important for Growth of the Nation

The patriotic sentiment of all citizens towards their nation is very crucial for the nation’s collective self. The positive dimension of nationality helps in the development of the country in every aspect.

But it depends on everybody ‘s mindset as the nation is a heterogeneous mix of different people with different mental construction. The role our leaders play directly or indirectly shapes the image of our nation. National growth is directly proportional to the collective activity of the Denizens living in it. In some cases, negligence or a total casual attitude towards nationalism or any anti-social activity in the name of nationalism hampers the overall progress.

Nationalism does not mean a zealous passion or a rigid dedication to one’s own country only on the surface to show off. We should be proud of our country, but that should not create a jingoistic sentiment of thinking ourselves superior and underestimating others. The true color of nationalism teaches us to respect all nations. We should respect not only our national flag, but the flags of all countries with equal dignity. A friendly and embracing attitude towards all nations can make us the best. If every nation applies this policy, then they can carve a niche of reverence for themselves around the world and impress other nations to follow their footsteps.

Essay on Nationalism by action is important for Growth of the Nation

The activity of nationalism should not be for external pretense and genuineness is expected when it comes to one’s own country. It is very essential to form a peaceful better society. Proper nationalistic education for everyone helps to build the core values. Cooperation, tolerance, and faith in the administration of a nation, honesty and real inculcation of nationalistic values help to maintain the proper growth of a nation. A corruption free financial sector, a mentality of clean and clear sanitization system, selfless, dedicated political activity, better health facilities and proper education for everyone, poverty less society is the necessary factors which can facilitate national growth. These actions would be a reflection of nationalism, which in turn would promote national growth. So proper steps should be taken to instill a natural patriotic fervor in each and every one as each and every individual contributes collectively towards the progress and betterment of the nation.

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