Oct 19, 2018

Essay on A Day I Realized My Parents were Right For School Students

I owe my existence to my parents. When I was an infant, I can’t walk even stand with the help of my legs. I was totally dependent on my parents.

As I grew up, a dependency on my parents decreased. Things suddenly began to change on my becoming a teenager. I was attracted by the external world, outside of my family. My parents got me admitted into school. The first day of my school is filled with flashbacks as I see myself crying and crying because I was not ready to leave my parents for a single moment. Everything was new to me-new faces, new surroundings. And reaching my adolescent period I became revolting and didn’t like to stay at home. I felt my parents old-fashioned in their thoughts. When I was a child, I used to share everything with my parents. In return, they appreciated me, but now they couldn’t accept or realize me as I was beyond their comprehension.

Essay on A Day I Realized My Parents were Right

My teenage mind has always seen them trying to impose me their opinion on me which I found unacceptable. I live in my own bubble world brimming with good friend circles, social media, games and many more distracting things. In the midst of this, I am a good student and player also. Unfortunately, this aroused the jealousy of many of my friends. My parents tried hard to warn me about them and to avoid them as much as possible. But then I was too headstrong to pay heed to their warnings. One day I saw some of my friends smoking, and they also offered me to join with them, but I was not interested. Again, one day they forced me to take it, but to no avail. One day I went to a picnic with my all friends and I discovered many of my special friends were smoking! Those special friends whose friendship I used to value the most so much that I could have sacrificed my life for their sake, approached me with just a littered cigarette and forced me to take. I tried to stop them with my heart and soul but they reached their extreme level. They threatened of breaking their friendship with me if I did not take this piece of slow poison. Cigarette became the condition of friendship so to save my addiction to the friendship I succumbed to another addiction. But I enjoyed also the first experience of smoking. Everything was going well. Only the fear of my secret getting unraveled before my parents kept on lurking in my head. After some years of continuous smoking, I felt certain unnatural changes within me. My mind always remained disturbed. I craved for smoking more than anything else. After some tests, doctors detected that I became a drug addict. On that they I came to know that my friends supplied me drugs through the cigarette. The unconditional love and support of my parents gave me a new life again. Now I fathom they were right that I should avoid such type of friends. I have a deep remorse for this incident, but at the same time, I am grateful to my parents for helping me to recover from that crisis.


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