Nov 23, 2018

Essay on Where Wealth Accumulates Men Decay

Wealth is a term that has a powerful meaning and influence. Most saints and philosophers consider it a countless evil. Of course, it can be true, but it does not make poverty any better.

Due to poverty, there are many malpractices such as theft, assaults, robberies, and much more. Both wealth and poverty deteriorate an individual's character unless he takes control of his behavior and thoughts.

It is obvious that wealth and money are necessary factors to lead a comfortable life, to get a good education, and to develop a good standard in society. On the other hand, uncontrollable behaviors of an individual will lead to scarification of moral, cultural, and mental value when dealing with wealth.

A human can build or accumulate wealth, but it should not happen vice-versa. If it does, it will ruin the character of the individual. I have witnessed a lot of incidents where wealth takes away compassion, respect, and even the simplest human gestures. A person's character becomes the trait of wealth. There are many incidents where wealthy people end up losing everything just because of their arrogant, proud, and heartless behaviors.

Essay on Where wealth accumulates men decay

As for Mahatma Gandhi, wealth is a public trust, it should be used for welfare and for society. But, how many of us are following it? When wealth accumulates, you become greedier, and you should overcome it if you do not want to be doomed. Well, I'll describe one of the incidents that I witnessed and how a person's life doomed just because of the greed for wealth.

So, it was one of my relatives. He was and still is, a talented individual. He owned a Travel Agency which can be mentioned as a successful business despite the fact that it was a startup. He was earning lakhs and flaunted in high-class suits and vehicles in a short time. Some of us wondered how he earned so much in a short time and some of us gave him what he wanted- PRAISING. He wanted to be praised and adored, yet his melodramatic life soon came to end. He ended up losing all his luxuries including the agency just because of his greed and addiction toward wealth. I don't think there would be any better incident in my life to parallel with the saying ‘Where wealth accumulates men decay'

Be it wealth or any other things in life, have it in moderation. It is healthy to be a humble and a moderate individual. As the saying goes ‘too much of anything is good for nothing' you should abide with that saying if you want to lead a good life. The excess amount of wealth will not only ruin your character but also your health. How? You would have the fear in protecting the wealth that you have accumulated, you will be worried about the ones who compete with you. Finally, men decay physically, mentally, and socially if they give importance to wealth. If you don't want to fall into that category, make sure to bear the factor of moderation in mind at all times.

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