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Nov 30, 2018

Essay on How your Behavior affects your Mind and Performances

People seldom understand the connection between behaviors, mind, and performances. You may even wonder how it is possible. Basically, the way you perform and the way you react will happen through your behaviors.

For example, there are different jobs with different role descriptions and most of your job duties will not change from one day to another. So, in such instance, you are aware of the things to be done by you. Nevertheless, there are jobs that are hard to pursue.

The simple gist in the above example is that your behaviors will decide the outcome of the job that you are performing. The behaviors are done by you while the results that you get from it is the performances. If you want to get the best out of your job, you should focus on one component and i.e. your behaviors.

Essay on How your behavior affects your mind and performances

On the other hand, outcomes are important to be considered. It will be based on the work that you engage in. Your actions will decide the result of the job that you perform. Yet, job outcomes will have many other external factors that influence it. If you want to become a better version of yourself you should be motivated to improve your behaviors. Generally, there are a few categories that are related to your behavior when it comes to a job.

Below, you will find a few behaviors in detail:

Job competence- the way you will complete the job by understanding the technical knowledge needed for the job. This decides your performance for the job that you signed up for. For example, if you are a writer, how well you do the research to create a good article.

General competence- as mentioned, work is not anything specific rather it includes many other tasks as well. This general competency is a behavior that must be in every employer of a company to improve the work efficiency. Personal competence- this is another important factor to improve your performance. So, personal competence is a behavior that includes thinking and performing. For example, assume that you have been loaded with work, instead of transferring the work to someone else. Also, you might have some serious issues with work, yet you would try to find the right solution. This shows the rate of personal competency of an individual.

Personal discipline- Finally, if you want to become a better person with good behaviors, you must focus on personal discipline. You should have an organized work schedule to improve your performances while developing positive behaviors. This category includes simple behaviors like being punctual, being professional, meeting deadlines, time management, and much more. Thus, you must understand, definitely, your behaviors affect your mind and performances.

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