Dec 28, 2018

Essay on Education should not be a Paper Qualification it should be a solution to Life problem

Education should not be just a qualifying paper it should be a solution to our life. However, there is again a large number of educational institutions those are of poor quality.

A lot of educated people come out every year. The question is does everyone gets the job to survive their life. Obviously, no not everyone gets the job according to their field of education. Nowadays educational institutions are being opened only for the purpose of gaining money. Moreover, our society values and judges everyone depending upon the job they do.

seal on qualification before issuance

The solution is in the hands of the education ministers in each state. A Syllabus should be related in practical ways. Students should know every aspect happening in the country and they have the right to know it. But the primary and higher secondary education is only being used as a gateway for the next course of learning. Recently school students in Australia went for a huge strike to create awareness about global warming. How did they have this much awareness about climate change and the ways it affects the earth, only by means of practical education and knowing the value of a life.

Bunch of engineers is produced by our country but still, our car engines are made by the Germans, don't we have the ability to manufacture our own need. The ministry of education has a vital role to play in this regard identifying and stopping the money-making institutions. Scholarships should be encouraged among the students to bring their potential out.

The quality education grants an ability to fight the problem of ignorance and poverty. Education is more than a grade or a piece of paper or certificates given. Of course, it is important to be qualified, but it is not about mugging up something for the exams. It is about encouraging the intellect to obtain an overview of the situation or the problem we gonna face. Knowledge and skills should be developed for social welfare and growth. The importance of practical learning should be made known to everyone. Education should change a person and give the idea of equality among everyone. Only if everyone is treated equally and the removal of the corrupted institutions will save the quality of education. Moreover, a single piece of paper or certificates does not decide our life.

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