Dec 21, 2018

Essay on An Experience of being lost during a Village Fair

One fine day evening, me Oliver and our family went for a fair nearby. Since it was our summer holiday, we really needed a refreshment.

It had more rides than the last time. The real fun part was the rollercoaster which I missed last time. And you know what, my father promised me to buy the new edition Spiderman multiverse toy. Am really excited to play with my spidey. Shops passed by and there came a candy shop where I had a candy.

Essay on An Experience of being lost during a Village Fair

Walking towards the roller-coaster holding my mother's hand, suddenly I saw a tall man with a tall hat holding a wand in his hand. Obviously, he was a magician, he dragged the crowd towards him. I went inside the crowd to see the magic. A hare appeared from the empty hat and everyone was really surprised to see it, he left the hare down and I ran towards the hare to grab it. The hare hopped down the stage and went out of the crowd, I chased it and finally caught the little one. Only now I realized that I was lost from the crowd leaving my family behind. I should have stayed with my mom since it was a huge fair I feared that my parents will not be able to find me in that crowd. Tears dropped from my eyes, and I started crying.

Crying with the candy in my hand, I roamed here and there in the crowd. People in the crowd asked for my name and details of my family. There came a police officer, he held me in the hand taking to his office and asked for my father and mothers name and the living place. Gathering the details the officer made me sit on a chair and gave me candy. The officer went near a mic and announced my name Oliver along with my father and mother’s name. Hearing the announcement my mother came crying towards the office and hugged me. She had a very happy face, I still remember that face. Holding my hands tight my mother warned me, not to leave her hand anytime again. My father surprised me with the spidey. It was the best experience which I had in my life.


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