Feb 22, 2019

Essay : How do you think your City will Change in the Future

We think about our own past, present and future. But one thing we do not realize is that what we are currently living in was an unimaginable future, at some point of time. So, how do you think your city will change in the future?

It is a question that does not really cross our minds too often. However, it is an interesting question to think about.

City park and design layout will change in future

Currently, we see ourselves stuck in the traffic jam, breathing the air which is filled with deadly pollutants. In a few years, the air that we breathe won’t be as polluted as it is now. Surrounded by high rises, higher than the current ones, there would be vertical gardens all around. In order to experience, nature there would be nature parks situated in the heart of the city, where camping facilities would be easily available and these parks would be safe.

city of future essay

Artificial intelligence is a danger to our city future regarding employment and security!

One can easily foresee the rise of the use of artificial intelligence, however, we would be extremely cautious in putting it to use for things like robots, as they would only be harmful for humans. We as humans have the tendency of wanting to be on the top of the food chain, approaching artificial intelligence with a kind of caution will help us do just that.

With growing awareness, vehicles like cars which have long polluted the environment would be put out of use. Transportation vehicles which are use a sustainable source of energy would be in use. The idea of a flying car like the one in Jetsons, would still remain a dream. But the planes might be swapped for super-sonic planes which would make getting to another part of the globe a lot easier and also cheaper.

Our City Dream of Future!

We all dream of a better future. A future that currently seems like a distant dream. However, sustainability is something we need to work towards in order to make our lives better. The future might not look promising, but believing in ourselves and working towards it can change it drastically. Climate change is real and our natural resources are depleting faster than ever. Yes, the question how do you think your city will change, is an important question, because only thinking about it can push and pursue us to make the future bigger and better, not only for the generations to come but also for ourselves.

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