Mar 1, 2019

Essay on 'Have social media alienated us from our Life'

When someone says the word “alien”, we usually picture a strange creature from another planet. However, it is not always that strange creature, sometimes it is that strange feeling of being unable to fit in that makes us feel like an “alien”.

We feel alienated quite a lot. Don’t we? It’s that feeling of not belonging.

With the sudden boom in technology and social media, we see everyone’s lives quite out there making us feel more and more alienated from who we are and what we are. It gives us the urge to be someone who we are not and we can never be, but we try really very hard to be that person. The more we become what the world wants us to be the more strange we feel within our own skin.

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The social media age has alienated us not only from each other but also from ourselves. We have turned into socially obsessed people, who are trying to out do one another with who has a better lifestyle or who is going out and travelling more. There are those who confine to this and feel that they are being the “norm”, but there are others who have decided not to conform to this age of putting your life on social media, they start to feel more and more alienated.

The people who aren’t busy trolling, posting or arguing over social media, feel more alienated than the others, because the fight here is about being true to ourselves. These people who do not conform to the new norms of putting your life out there get labelled as weirdosand become alienated from the crowds. With all the labels that we put on these people for being themselves has negative consequences on their mental health. With all the negativity flowing in from social media, we have not only started to alienate people but also ourselves. The urge to try to be true to ourselves has been suppressed by the fear of being regarded as the odd one out in the crowd. How many of us have truly felt that we are not a part of the crowd but we are something so different than what we put across ourselves as? All of us are scared to be ourselves out of the fear being the alien.

Yes, we are all the aliens. But wasn’t ET just adorable and taught us so much about life, especially about how it is okay to be different? All we need to do is muster up the courage to be okay to be different. Once we do that, there would never be any aliens, even if they came from another planet. It’s all about being kind to one another and making this world a better place.

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