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Feb 1, 2019

Essay on How do you feel before giving a Presentation?

Every now and then the teacher gives such an assignment that gives us sleepless and anxious nights. That assignment is presenting your work in front of the whole class. Even the toughest of the lot, who seem the most confident are scared and anxious.

Why wouldn’t they anyone feel that way? Speaking in front of the whole class about the work that you have done can go horribly wrong and you have seen that happen. What are the odds that it would not happen to you?

The odds of it happening to you are pretty low, but the anxiety in our head seems to scream loud enough to drown out the reasonable voice. Even though we might be confident about the work that we have done, it is still scary to put yourself out there. The thing that we do not realize is that when we go in front of our classmates to present our work, we become highly vulnerable. It feels like we are giving them a piece of ourselves and telling them, “here you can play with it, but do not hurt me”, knowing very well that they might.


However, there are ways to combat this anxiety before the presentation. Yes, public speaking (even though they are just your classmates), can be tough. You can easily overcome them to present yourself to be more confident than you are actually feeling. The first key to confidence is, fake it till you make it. Sometimes it is hard to fake it, but even if you present something wrong with great confidence there is a high chance that nobody is going to realize the mistake that you have made. Confidence is the key to this question of anxiety.

Breathing, which comes to us naturally might feel like the toughest thing to do before going on to give the presentation. One trick to calm your anxiety is to concentrate on absolutely nothing and take deep breaths. The most common way of avoiding anxiety is to avoid anything which has caffeine in it. Yes, we love the caffeine rush but that is one thing that makes you the most anxious.

Giving a presentation in a classroom can be exhausting and frightening, but you have to remind yourself that you can do it. You can help yourself and cope with the anxiety. Just remember every around you is feeling just as same as you are. There is nothing that you can’t do if you put your mind and heart to it.

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