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Feb 8, 2019

School Essay on Toughest Time of My Life for class 10

Life can be beautiful and harsh. It’s kind of a glass is half full or half empty sort of a thing. Just to get through life we have to make decisions, some easy and some really tough. When we look around us, we see really strong people going through things we can’t imagine and holding it all together.

There are times when things happen to us and we do not know what to do and how we are going, we just go through the motions for a while. Similar incident happened in my life a few year ago.

We all have our own dreams and aspirations. Some of us dream to become doctors, some singers and some of us just dream to have a happy and fulfilled life. It is good to have dreams and it is even great to put all your heart and soul into it. But what to do you do when your dreams refuse to take your side? What do you do when your dream suddenly shatters into a million pieces and something more terrible comes along your way and you have to choose what the right thing to do is.

Like every young person, I dreamed of becoming a Philosopher. Something, not a lot of people want to become. To be a philosopher in a exam-controlled system is next to impossible. So I took the national exam a couple of times and I constantly failed by tiny margins. Failing by tiny margins means there is just a bit of work that you need to do. How many times do you have to fail by a margin to understand that this is not for you? Well for me the answer was four times. The fifth time, I said chuck it.

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That was not it. Living with a person who has a degenerative disorder can be pretty taxing, especially when you are down in the dumps about your exam. Now that you have to get your life back together, it becomes difficult to choose whether to stay at home and take care or go out and work in anxiety about what’s going back home. It’s tough to see someone you love get worse every day. But sometimes you have to make tough decisions and decide what the right thing to do is.

Having your dreams broken and sacrificing on things, can be a bit taxing. But the good part about tough situations is that you get to learn so much about who you are and see your inner strength. There is so much more to us than we see. Yes, life can be really tough sometimes, but it is about having the right kind of people around you to make those tough moments a lot easier. So, if you are going through a hard time, trust me even if you don’t think it is going to get better you have enough strength inside of you to make things okay and get through this.

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