May 29, 2020

10 Lines on 'All that Glitters is not Gold' | Simple Essay in English

  • Gold is a rare-earth element and its rate has actually been going up gradually.
  • Gold's glittering yellow colour is the most crucial feature'
  • A lot of us believe that all things having a colour like gold are important like gold.
  • Gold has a number of residential or commercial properties that make it valuable, its colour does not fade, Gold can be beaten into extremely thick sheets and it can be drawn into very thin wires.
  • People choose the external appearance but later they will discover that was not the real quality,.
  • In our life, we stumble upon people who speaks sweetly and smile wonderfully, But their real nature comes out just when we desire them to do something.Also see another proverb described: 10 Lines on Where there is a Will, There is a Way
  • Individuals who can change themselves, who can suffer for the sake of others, may not have an attractive appearance.
  • We will be significantly misinterpreted if we decide to avoid them since their external type is not exactly pleasing.
  • To consider something as valuable, passing its external look is wrong.
  • Since they are not pleasing to our eyes is wrong too, to keep away from individuals of things
  • So we constantly must choose someone's inner quality than outer shine.
  • Even if you doesn't shine outside, be someone who is excellent inside.

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