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Oct 25, 2020

Essay on "Is Lockdown a Solution of COVID-19 (Corona Virus -19)"

Lockdown is a brake to the spread activity of covid-19 and it is not a solution at all , However it is a part of the solution depending on the resources available in any country. As the effect of the virus was new and panic in public was at high level , Governments of many country took decision to impose the lockdown to have a time for planning to find a solution of this problem. Few countries in the world had confusion for choosing Lockdown or no Lockdown for a solution of COVID-19? This is a great matter of concern. As a thinker for the welfare of society, it is our duty to express my views to the society.

COVID-19 means corona virus disease 2019

It is being tried to write a perception as a method of solving this issue. It may not be right but a small step is the first way of finding and reaching the destination.

Lockdown has certain advantages which are listed below:
  • Lockdown provides us time space to find its solution.
  • Lockdown is a full brake against its spread.
  • Lockdown reduces the number of COVID-19 cases that reduce pressure on Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals.
  • Lockdown can stop sever damage that might be happen in case huge spread that means community level spread.
people on road during lockdown
Lockdown has many disadvantages too. These are listed below.
  • Lockdown is almost a brake to the vehicle of economy.
  • Lockdown breaks the smooth chain of business activities; which is very hard to streamline quickly with 100%.
  • Lockdown is a killer for the poor section of the society if life saving arrangement does not organised at war level.
  • Lockdown take away employment, which is a high risk for countries which already are suffering from unemployment problem.
  • Lockdown is very serious for the patient during the pandemic situation like COVID-19 when doctors refuse to attend a patient having other diseases and police demand many certificates on road.
  • Fear creates big issue even for carrying out allowed food and medical related businesses
  • In Lockdown real pictures of many places remain invisible to the media person.
  • New laws create many confusions amongst the people as they actually do not know what to follow and what to not.
  • Lockdown may throw the economy into a vicious circle of failure of the business chain.
Personal Opinion:

This is a complete personal view of the writer. The lockdown period would have been for short period of time which would be economically viable and thereafter no lockdown would have been adopted to solve this complexity with strong teamwork to perform as it to be imagined as a war like situation. The details are explained below one by one.

Imposing Lockdown by many countries was not a healthy decision:

Long period lockdown could be avoided if proper logic based on past data would be adopted. I am sure if scientific thought without fear would be adopted then there would be NO LOCKDOWN at all. The logic of not implementing lockdown is that common men need money and socio-economic balance to fight with the virus or any problem of ours society. Resources and money are the result of smooth running of production houses, manufacturing industries and small businesses, therefore according to my perception countrywide or zone wise lockdown is not going to be a solution, the world leaders had to think about this with the world class economic team. If a person will have soaps then he will clean his hands because, need to live is more important than protection of life. Need supports the life expentency and protection and safety come after span of life. World should never go for a long period of lockdown at similar kind of situation for unending virus presence. History reveals that the virus never vanishes. It is because ultimately our body has to fight with the virus after a few times then why not do the same thing a little before.

Note:The most important thing everyone noticed that society failed to manage panic and fear of corona disease. Society and officials have taken it into account much beyond the limit of an abnormal situations. In this kind of situation, media must be controlled to not to increase fear among the society for a gain of TRP. The situation of normalcy in society is one of the most important factors for a stable, prosperous, and peaceful human society. It must be addressed in a more clever manner by any government.

The activities that would have been focussed are detailed below:

Testing : Whome to be tested.

While preparing for solution method it is to identify first who is infected and who is healthy. That means there must be a smart thinking process of keeping people less contacted physically and testing would be only done to the identified person having the symptoms of Covid-19. There would have been local arrangement in schools, college, society hall etc. But testing must be done very economically because a large number of testing needs a large number of testing kits which are not available during COVID-19 in sufficient numbers. Therefore unwanted testing can be avoided by applying symptoms and quarantine methods to isolate healthy and unhealthy persons. It requires a quick creation of quarantine centers with food supply and medical facilities.

Young people need not be tested as the recovery data shows that the maximum (about 80%) of young people are not entering into a critical stage. These people need not be tested until mild symptoms to avoid unnecessary panic amongst them. Panic decreases the immunity of a person. Media people must be silenced by their tonal presentation to minimize panic so that medical personnel may not dip into fear. This is a more important matter that must be addressed cautiously.

These majority of mildly affected people can help society by self home quarantine/isolation. The government should provide a local body with a doctor at the ward level for asking self home quarantine to these types of people.

Medical Treatment:

Next comes, Is there any medicine or method available to cure the infected patients? As far as information available at present, there is no vaccine or proper medicines available in the market. That means the people are left with the alternative of trial and error method of optional medicine (HydroxyChloroquine) of a similar kind on a patient. Many of us are not doctors but information floating in the media has enough know-how for a common educated person to think on these activities which is going in hospitals.

The patient must not be enclosed in a less ventilated room. The life saving things are fresh air and sunlight and these two things are must be provided irrespective of shutting down the normal patient into a room. Trees and gardens are the best places for normal patients. In this way, the patient will remain with normal behavior and with high immunity and the cost of managing a high number of the patient will be minimum.


I think more people can be saved by their natural immune if proper isolation facility and proper food facility and management with medical labor force are available rather than applying improper medicine. The medicine needs to be applied only on critical patients only. In this case, home isolation will work more effectively rather than hospitals because managing a large number of patients of COVID-19 will not work as the medical staff will not deliver his proper duty due to fear of this disease which was noticed from many spots. A doctor's help in society for medical instruction will do a lot.

How we would have to systemize the food and needy goods distribution to poor people during lockdown:

No, any new program and policy can be systemized quickly. Therefore we should use the available program and system available in the country. If I would have been told to systemise the problem and its condition then I would have chosen the police and force officers for this job. And I would have authorized these people(police/army men etc) to expend for food and other needed goods and reimburse the cost weekly after distribution, It is because these people are in direct contact with the poor people locked here and there. That means the backward system will work more efficiently rather than top to bottom flow system; which involves corruption activities. In this way, the people's movement would be stopped.

We would have enforced an online complaint system for the people against the private organization; which are stopping the payment of the small workers during the lockdown. For this, we would have utilized the digital India program connected with the big chain of business people to help these poor illiterate people.

Research and Development:

Research and development to be done to find the death rate categorically (i.e. according to disease). That means there must be a system to know data of the people's deaths and its cause and it must not be politically biased. This type of problem may happen in the future again and again. In that situation, our data will help us to figure out the fact to identify the conspiracy if any exist.


Damage of the economy cannot be compromised for the probability of disease instead we are living with the disease and have to live with the disease. This is an actual fact. Fear must not surpass the confidence of living. Confidence in people cannot be injected easily whereas injecting fear of death in public is very easy. We must be careful while dealing with fear factor in society. Last but not the least, It is better to die with a full stomach rather than an empty stomach.

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