Nov 23, 2020

Essay on War and Peace

There is a typical saying that battle is never ever good, peace is never ever bad. However, if we recall right into the background of the human race, it will be transparent that there have been battles since prehistoric times. Although attempts have actually been made to eliminate it, success has not been achieved up until now. Hence, infinite peace seems to be beyond our reach. There are few people who justify battles as well as say that it is required due to the fact that it is the law of nature.

He informed that there is a constant battle for survival in all nature, both animate and also inanimate. Thus, war is held required without which there will certainly be any kind of growth of mankind.

Yet such people neglect that war always brings damage on a mass scale. They forget Mahatma Gandhi's teaching of non-violence, adhering to which he freed his motherland from the shackles of enslavement. They forget that if Gandhi might oust the effective Britishers by dint of non-violence, why not others adhere to the exact same footprint.


Battles are essential evils as well as their scaries are a lot of and of such magnitude that they can not be explained in words. We have to not neglect the horrors of both world wars. In the battles, there was mass-killing and destruction of building. Thousands were made orphans and widows. War brings disgust and also spreads out fallacy. People become ruthless as well as egocentric. As result humanity as well as principles experience.

Battle is the adversary of all humankind and human world. It can never be glorified in any type of type.

Wars are not the option to the problems. Instead, they create troubles and produce disgust amongst nations. Battle can decide one problem yet gives birth to way too many. Hiroshima as well as Nagasaki are the best terrible faces of the effect of battles. Also after 60 years, individuals are dealing with the anguishes of battle. Whatever be the reason for battle, it always causes the damage of life and building at large.

One ridiculous face of modern war is terrorism which targets the greatest of the strong as well as causes dangers past the control of any individual. Terrorists or Maoist do not discriminate between cultures, faiths, and races. They target only humanity in its entirety. Also the globe's superpower, the USA remained defenseless when its prominent twin towers of the World Trade Centre were struck on Sept. 11, 2001, with a tactical, well-coordinated, and also many large self-destruction terrorist step. Indian Parliament was additionally assaulted.

These terrorists or Maoist did not leave the worshiping places also. These terrorist attacks are only the misguided zeal of a couple of derailed participants of our culture. They work under some justifications which have no goals.

On the whole, the battle has always been the greatest blot on mankind. It was developed by the man himself today it is past the control of all human pressures. Now it calls for retrospection for the entire mankind to study it for the sake of mankind, or else, absolutely nothing will remain neither battle nor humanity.

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