Apr 13, 2021

Essay on Finding Purpose in Life For Class 10

Different Perspective is Important:

If you feel trapped and can't escape the situation or situation has become an unnecessary burden. It's time to make some changes and look at your life from a different perspective or point of view.

Growth Empowers Us for a Meaningful Life:

We sometimes become trapped in situations that used to be easier to get out of. It's the nature of life that when we were younger we thought it would be easier to become financially independent than grow emotionally and spiritually. But as we get older, we realize that it's the other way around, that growth empowers us. We grow spiritually, financially, emotionally because we are spiritually and financially grounded. That spiritual and financially grounded feels more like home than the spiritual emptiness that exists when we're using but aren't grounded in God. We become spiritually anchored so that we can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Be in right Direction for Purpose of Life:

Essay on Finding Purpose in Life For Class 10

You might say that living on purpose is being in the right place at the right time. Or we might say that our purpose is to honor God. Achieving our purpose is a state of being that gives meaning and purpose to our life. It's not simply an emotional reaction to circumstances, but rather a state of being that we have chosen and created for ourselves.

Financial Destiny:

The same holds true for us financially. I imagine that most of you will agree with this statement "I am responsible for my financial destiny. I decide what I want to do with my life. I choose to live in a conscious manner that honors my desires. I am fully in charge of my money." Perhaps there are times when we may feel like we don't have control over our finances, but when we make that choice to be financially responsible and act in integrity with our money, we become spiritually responsible and financially empowered.

Grounded Statements:

You can see from what I've written that there's a lot of truth in the "spiritual and financially grounded" statement. If we make that choice, we begin to empower our soul. Our life purpose becomes clearer and clearer to us. We discover our purpose and balance our conflicting values and priorities. Our life purpose begins to become a conscious part of who we are.

If we are not spiritually and financially grounded, we might also think "I am not spiritually and financially grounded. There are just too many issues to deal with. I can't seem to find my way to the right path. Life just seems to spin me into the wrong directions."

The truth of the matter is that the purpose of life is to become spiritually and financially grounded. That is really where the answer lies. That is where we become spiritually and financially grounded. It is the only true way to fulfill our purpose in life.

It's not a quick process. The good news is that it can be turned around. It won't happen overnight, but it can be turned around in a matter of weeks. There's a method to the madness. It's a matter of choosing to seek out and discover our life purpose.

Running Behind Money is the True Path of Life:

Our purpose is not the same as our paycheck. It is not about accumulating or spending more money. The money is there. The important part is that we focus on our dreams and goals, not our paycheck. We can live a very fulfilling life with no money whatsoever. It is possible. There is a method to the madness. We just need to learn how to get to our dreams.

About Successful Situation

later I found myself in a similar predicament with a colleague who I'd long admired for his success. We'd worked together for many years at a large international organization, and my first reaction was, "Well, isn't he the one who's supposed to be successful?"

My second reaction was, "But isn't he supposed to be wealthy? Isn't he supposed to be...?"

Successful People:

My third reaction was, "Are you kidding me? Of course he's successful. Why would he change? Didn't you see him after he won the lottery? How happy he was? Didn't you see him when he met his wife? How happy they were? Haven't you heard the ad? Successful people are successful because they are successful, not because they have to be."

So I started asking all these questions about his personality. And about me. And about what we'd done together. And more importantly, about what he would do in a situation. And the answers I got made me feel ashamed for getting it wrong.

Glass is half full is always Work:

When we're stuck in a situation, all we can do is try to find a way out of it. Trying to see the glass half empty is always a fool's errand. The only thing that works when we're stuck is to try to see the glass half full. And let's face it. Even the most successful people have moments when they're not successful or not happy.

Be honest about the Truth and Reality:

What we need to do is face reality. We need to be honest about the situation and be ready to accept the truth. We need to make sure we're no longer fooled by our own wishful thinking. When we are, we are truly stuck and have become so in situations where we feel like we're getting nowhere.

Make the situation Bearable:

But you and I know that nothing can stand still for long. And we both know that the only place we can get anywhere is up. So rather than looking for a way out of the situation or situation taking us down, why not look for ways to make the situation more bearable? Why not try to see things from a different perspective or point of view?

Reality of the Situation makes us Courageous:

"One does not simply walk up to the wall, view the view, and think, "Oops, I did not recognize the potential value of what I saw." Instead, we view the wall in an open frame, and draw strength from its beauty and distance from its danger. This opens up possibilities for future use and expansion, and by extension, the value of the view also increases. The same goes for the wall. In fact, it is the relationship with the situation that allows us to put distance and take stands that would be impossible without the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation enables us to become courageous in the face of the wall."

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