Apr 15, 2021

Essay: I am not the Best about All Information

I am not the best have Great Respect in all space:

I am not the best at everything means that there are many things I am unable to do. The best answer for a lot of things is 'whatever I personally can manage' meaning that even in my best attempts to do things well, there will be challenges. If this is the answer you give yourself then your work here is done. However if you are saying 'no I can do all this' then you are still fighting a losing battle. The lesson here is to say 'yes' to the work that you can do because the effort has to be done and the reward is there.

How to be in Right Mental Space:

Essay: I am not the Best about All Information

When we are given information about how to be a good adult and how not to be a bad adult then we then find it difficult to feel we are in the wrong. That is how we can be the best we can be. We must keep reaching out for the information about how to be in the right mental space to avoid being in the wrong mental space.

If we can stay in the right mental space then we can do anything. Even achieve anything. If we want to achieve great things then we must do the work to achieve great things. This may mean that we do things we never thought we could do and it may mean that we stay in the wrong mental space all the time. No one has ever reached their potential using those same methods. The purpose is to find ways to stay in the right mental space all the time. If we are working towards our goals and dreams then we must also remember to stay in the right mental space, otherwise we will never be able to achieve our goals and dreams.

Being in Right Mental space Reduces Mental Pressure:

If i say that I know everything of a subject e.g. physics then mind me I have taken an unwanted mental pressure. Now I will think and think about physics whether i have full idea of this chapter or nor. It is because if the person will ask me about this then I will be in trouble if not answered that. Suppose if I would have say that i don't know everything about the physics , I would have no any mental pressure. Be careful while telling any think in front of anyone. Being free mental space is very much importatant in our life.

Take an example about this article:

However if the information in this article is not true and we have used it to make decisions and to progress ourselves. If we stop reading this article we will not lose our purpose, our goals or our dreams. It will not let us down, for it is already part of our journey. The information is here to stimulate us to reach our potential and to move forward towards our goals and dreams. We must use this information to move beyond our limitations.

The mind is a wonderful thing, but like anything there are limits and parameters. It is also programmed for survival, not enlightenment. We have come across many times that when we read things into existence that are not there. This is not a good thing to do, but in some cases it is the only way to move ahead in our life and our life's. The danger comes when we take something that is not there and put it into our lives and then expect it to be true.

Example of the movie The Secret:

Take for example the movie The Secret. The movie The Secret uses a person of integrity as its lead. The movie The Secret says that integrity is a virtue that exists and exists and exists. The movie The Secret also says that the more we have of integrity the better we are at surviving and the better we are at living.

Remain ethical:

However when one watches The Secret and then compares it to themselves they find that when they are doing their job they have no more integrity. Now they may start to do less and less ethical things. When they do these "ethically not doable" things they are more worried about getting their job than they are about the ethical things they were doing before. Since they are worried about getting their job, they do not worry about doing the ethical things anymore and they have less of it. This is what the movie The Secret is saying. However when the person is observing themselves they do not see that they have more of integrity than when they are doing their job. They see that they are doing ethical things because they are worried about getting their job and doing ethical things are not as important anymore. If they don't do them ethically they will lose their job and if they do them ethically they will get their job.

So it is important to use the resources that our brains create. When we watch The Secret we may put more importance on being a good person and having more integrity than we put on surviving and living. This is not a good thing to do, but in some cases it is our only option to move forward.

The more we use this principle we can move beyond the limiting beliefs and behaviors that we have been programmed to have. This will help us to create powerful behaviors and beliefs that we can use to achieve our dreams and our goals.

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