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Apr 22, 2021

Essay: What Is Your Unique Sign and Feeling?-The Universe Is Not A Vast and Silent Body

968 words Essay for class 10

How to know your unique sign and feeling in right time in your life. How to make this work then you can create and enjoy your life - just because you know your approach is sound! (I do NOT endorse the dark side).

This is an all encompassing approach. You can focus on whatever aspect of life you want - from career, health, relationships, finances, spirituality etc. No one life is more important than another. We are each unique in our own right.

  • * I do not know what this stuff is, or how to use it, or what it is worth. I trust I will be rewarded.
  • * I feel that I am worthy of something better/more/different/more. I don't know what that is, but I trust I'll get it.
  • * I don't have to find out. I know what I need is right there in front of me.

Its about Deep Sense of Satisfaction:

What Is Your Unique Sign and Feeling?-The Universe Is Not A Vast and Silent Body

What if I can give myself these feelings with awareness? By letting go of attachment, then I can be open to this opportunity. It's not about being greedy - although the Law of Attraction works like that. It's about a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I have taken responsibility for myself and how I want my life to be. It's about taking a deep breath and knowing that everything I need is waiting for me inside, all my answers, all my wisdom, all my peace and love. That knowing is worth more to me than any object, than any pursuit, than any thing. It's the feeling of peace and contentment that takes me from one place to another.

Start Noticing your Feelings:

Just start to be aware of these feelings. Just start to notice when you start to have this "empty" feeling. It's not about trying to get a particular thing. It's not about wanting to make something happen. It's about allowing the Universe to bring me whatever is right for me. That feeling is like the feeling of flying, when you let go and just let the plane soar.

The Law of Attraction says that I am attracting what I am attracting. And I am creating what I am creating.

In the book "Awaken the Giant Within" Anthony Robbins says that his teachers told him that he creates what he is attracting. He seems to get it and understand it when he is in the flow of this law. I would assume that he does and feels the same way.

It's about feeling

So what are you attracting? Why are you attracting the stuff that doesn't feel good? It's not about you, it's about me, it's about NOW! It's about feeling at one with life, centered, and open.

It's important that feels good to you:

You don't have to attract stuff to feel good. You can start to consciously bring stuff that feels good to you. But how do you know what to bring to you? How do you know what feels good to you? When you go into your feelings you will get a sign. This sign will be something like feelings of love, peace, kindness, acceptance, happiness, gratitude, and etc...

your intuitive inner voice is your feeling that pulls you towards success:

I get it, I know what feels good to me. I can see my feelings and I can see what is going on inside of me and I know what to bring to me. So how do you know what to bring to you? It's that feeling inside that tells you what to bring. That feeling inside is your intuitive inner voice. Ask yourself these questions, "What is my feeling right now?" When I answer that question, "Nothing", I am tapping into the infinite intelligence, the Divine, inside of me. I am tapping into my connection to source and my connection to my highest Self, my intuition. It is that simple.

Feelings always have a sign:

The feeling inside always gives you a sign. When I tap into that feeling inside I have that sign.

I am in alignment with my higher self. It is that simple.

If my feeling is that nothing, "nothing", what am I drawing inside of me? When I do this, I have a sign. I am in alignment with my divinity and my connection to my divinity. This makes me feel happy, alive, centered and at one with the universe. I have a sign.

An artistic Picture is the Spirit of that artist:

You may have heard of people drawing a picture of their loved one, family members or themselves, when they die and hang it up in a prominent place. The picture gives that person's spirit their own unique sign, the picture gives the person a unique sign, a unique emotional feeling. That sign tells the spirit the person is loved, valued, supported, honored and etc... And that person is at one with the universe.

The universe knows your unique signs, if you give it your sign, you will be in alignment with your divinity and you will have good fortune. Your unique sign, gives you your unique emotional feeling. And the universe knows what kind of people give you the kind of sign it knows.

The Universe knows Your unique Sign:

The universe knows how to treat you because it knows your unique sign. It cannot help loving, respecting, valuing, supporting you, if you don't have divinity within you. Divinity is self-loving, self-respecting, self-acknowledged, self-centered. It is positive, uplifting, self-accepting, self-encouraging. The truth is that you are unique, different and different things.

Your sign is what makes you unique:

Think about it, you were born to be a certain way and you do that thing and the universe loves that about you. When you have a sign, you have a sign, you are giving the universe your sign. Your unique sign, is what makes you unique.

Think about your unique sign

So think about your unique sign, what is inside of you that gives you the sign? I bet it is what is causing you so much joy and that joy leads you to take action. You are a giver, give to others, love loving, take taking action, action action, action. You do things that make you feel good about yourself and when you give, the universe gives with joy.

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