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Apr 3, 2021

Green Revolution is to Change the way of People do business and think about Environment-Essay

Question: Short and long time strategies for environmental impact

Change is the Constant:

The first thing to note about our environment is that change is always occurring. There is always a way to improve things or give us new options for doing things differently. But it does take some time for the change to become reflected in the environment. To illustrate this I'll talk about a thought experiment.

Do differently:

Suppose you have a tree garden. You can either do things the old way - growing more trees, and then eventually cutting down the last tree - or you can do things differently - planting one tree, then another, and so on. What do you do?

It is hard to catch the Change:

There's a temptation to say "Well, I've already done that..." - but the fact is that once a change has been introduced, it's very hard to stop. Change happens so fast that when you finally snap, it's often too late. You've already implemented the wrong options and in the meantime, the wrong option is spreading. There is a temptation to say "well, I've planted one tree, so I'll just plant another one" and then you have two trees - but now you've already given up the other tree.

 Green Revolution is  to Change the way of People do business and think about Environment-Essay

Catch the options with High performance and Correct Strategy:

So I suggest that you think of the environment as an open book. You can get rid of things, change options, change planting dates, and so on. But the more options you give up the more the environment will reflect your lack of options. There are rules of business - the more options you have the more options you're forced to leave behind. You've got a limited amount of time to make changes before you're completely uprooted from the tree. If you're an environmentalist, you've got a much bigger amount of time, and therefore a much bigger chance of changing - but the environment has a hard time giving options.

Spread the Idea instead catching each ball:

The second thing to remember about environmentalism is that the environmental movement is not a single political party or a single economic ideology. What it is - and this is important to grasp - is an idea. In the early 1980s, the environmentalists realized that it would be a tall order to get people to change their ways. So they took the idea of the environment and put it into practice. They decided that by working with businesses they could get people to change. The result was the Green Revolution. Hundreds of cities became the most sustainable cities in the world. Cities that are now struggling to cope are showing their commitment to the environment by asking businesses to reduce their impact. They offer loans to businesses that promise to change their way of doing things.

Viral and intrlocked Ideas can Check the constant change:

It's no longer controversial to say that we are all environmentalists. So, we have the same challenge. Get people to change the way they live their lives. But, how do we get people to change? It's not simply about government intervention, it's not simply about businesses working harder, changing their products, putting in power-efficient lights, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and so on. It is about people thinking about what it means to be alive, what it means to be an ecosystem and a person who cares about the environment. Businesses must become an extension of their customers, so that people really feel responsible for the way their life runs, and that there is a price to pay for disregarding the environment.

Green Revolution was an Idea like this:

This takes us to the third piece of the Green Revolution. The third thing to remember is that the Green Revolution is not about government. The Green Revolution is about people. The Green Revolution is about people who think about how to live a sustainable life, the sustainability of the economy, and the sustainability of the economy. The Green Revolution is about changing our way of thinking, so that we think of our future as one that includes protecting the environment, and also one that includes creating wealth and creating jobs.

Green Revolution was about mindset of the People:

The fourth thing to remember about the Green Revolution is that the Green Revolution is not about businesses. The Green Revolution is about people, businesses, the economy, the environment, and the economy.

So, what are businesses doing about the Green Revolution?

We need to change the way of thinking:

It's important to remember that the Green Revolution is not simply about governments. Governments can do an awful lot to help their people, but that's not what the Green Revolution is about. The Green Revolution is about changing people's way of thinking so that people think about how to live a sustainable life, and businesses think about how to create wealth and create jobs. Governments cannot do this alone, people cannot do this alone, businesses cannot do this alone, and the economy cannot do this alone. The combined efforts of all these groups are what can make the difference.

Education Sector is a place to explode Ideas:

One of the places these groups are doing a lot is in the education sector. People are finding out more and more about the fragility of our planet, the danger of not being careful enough with the resources we use, and the fragility of our planet. People are being exposed to more ideas about how to live a sustainable life and how to protect the environment, which is being brought by environmental groups. This is changing people's way of thinking.

People have to think life and Environment:

And one of the ways this is happening is in the way people think about employment. Before this, people thought of employment in terms of just getting through the week and getting paid. Now, people are finding out ways to get paid from the employment that they think about having in addition to the other aspects of their lives. This is happening in part because of the spread of information that the environment is in peril and we need to do something about it, and in part because of the way that jobs are being created that people think about other aspects of their lives.

The success of the Green Revolution in the agricultural sector was due to all these groups working together. People are now becoming aware of the fragility of the environment, but also people are realizing that the development that is happening in agriculture is part of the solution. So it's important that we don't lose our focus on employment as part of the solution to the world's problems.

We can't afford to lose our focus.

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