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Apr 4, 2021

Leadership Qualities of the Leader People Need And Desire Essay

Essay on inspiring business leader with strong leadership skills

What is a business leader?

I was speaking to a woman who started her own jewelry design company at the age of 26. She informed me that she was inspired by the TV show The Apprentice, which she saw on TV one evening at BBC at 3am. She thought what an opportunity for her to do something that paid her enough to buy a house at the end of three years. When she finished the three years, she could decide whether to stay with the jewelry design or leave it.

Real Inspiration :

I had read the book Redefining Real Success by Rhonda Byrne, a work of fiction really, but a real inspiration to her. She was also inspired by Rhonda Byrne's TV show, The Apprentice. The idea of being an apprentice to a master's degree holder inspired her to aim higher than she had before. She now works 18-20 hours a week, which is a lot for her, as an office lady, she prefers a home life and wants to lead a life like Rhonda Byrne, a home life, and less stressful life.

Leadership Qualities of the Leader  People Need And Desire Essay

Leaderships is to Apply your Well Known Concept:

So I have been talking to women all my life, about what leadership skills I believe are being demonstrated by those around me. But I know very few of them have been exposed to leadership concepts, that I consider as leadership skills, that are demonstrated by their friends and acquaintances. I believe the only way to know what is leadership is to apply it. I have been working hard all my life, as a man to learn at Mens Gymkhana Club in the evening after work. I love the discipline and the competition among the men. This club has been set up to develop leadership skills, as well as physical fitness. It also holds coaching sessions, where candidates come forward to work for free on their own business. They receive no payment but are told they will be able to promote their business with other business owners they meet during the course of the coaching sessions. It is an excellent opportunity for someone who is not used to making money. You do not need to own a business. The only skill that is required is a willingness to work hard and apply themselves to their skills.

Best Ideas are Worthless without its Application:

To be a leader, you must be a leader. What is needed is a change in thinking and a change in behavior. I have been working hard, to try and bring this about. You can have the best ideas, but without applying yourself, they are worthless.

Visionary leads by Example:

You must have the courage to take action and put yourself under the gun, to start where others have not, and to keep on going until your dream is achieved. To be a leader, you must have a vision and work hard towards that vision. You must be able to motivate and communicate your vision to your team, as well as communicate your vision to others. You must be able to lead by example. You must have the ability to listen to others and to understand what they are saying, as well as what is needed to achieve the purpose and objective of the meeting. You must be a dreamer, dreamer, and dream.

Working is the Key to Success:

To be a leader, there is no such thing as over-doing it. There are no shortcuts to success. You must work hard, think hard and work smart to make your vision a reality. There are no guarantees. In my opinion, the only guarantee of success is working hard and thinking smart. If you cannot do this, then you do not have what it takes to be a leader. You do not have the leadership qualities that the world needs and desires.

Great leaders have the ability to Learn:

To be a leader, you must also have the ability to learn from others. If you are a leader and have leadership qualities, you are also a learner. You are able to absorb the knowledge and experience from others and keep on advancing. This is one of the ways of making your vision a reality. You are able to take what others have taught you and keep on advancing in your knowledge. There are no shortcuts to learning. If you cannot learn, you cannot be a leader. If you cannot be a leader, you cannot be a person that the world needs and desires. You cannot fulfill the dreams of the people.

Leaderships qualities are Essential:

For this reason, I think it is absolutely essential for any entrepreneur to know what leadership qualities are needed in order to be successful. You must have these qualities if you wish to be the person that the people need and desire. If you do not have these qualities, then you are not being a leader. If you are not a person that the people need and desire, then you are not fulfilling the dreams of the people. You will not be able to fulfill the dreams of the people or be their leader.

These qualities and skills are absolutely essential in order to be able to make your dreams come true. When you have fulfilled your dream, and are now a successful business owner, you will realize that you did not have to have all these qualities or skills. If you did not have the qualities or skills, then you are not really fulfilling the dreams of the people, and are not really a person that the people need and desire.

Concluding Message:

Think of all the characteristics of a leader that the people need and desire. Take the time to think about these qualities and skills so that you can become the person that the people need and desire.

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