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Apr 5, 2021

Reuse Products for Going Green and To save Resources Essay

The article stated that unless the government enacted stringent regulations that all plastic products are re-used. There should be a little sticker with the product code on the package. If this product is recycled, the product code is also a code that can be run through a database that will give you information about the manufacturer of the product. This information is never gone. It is just the product code is unique.

Reuse for same purpose:

Reuse Products for Going Green and To save Resources Essay

From that information I believe the reader could determine that the product can be re-used. They could purchase the product again for the same purpose. You could write in that a product that is only 1 out of 10,000,000, is re-used.

That is a little more difficult to respond to, but it is still very possible.

One other argument I found interesting is:

Harmful things cannot be recycled:

"You forget, there are also things that cannot be recycled because it is harmful to our environment. Things like batteries, plastic, paper, and aluminum cans, none of which can be recycled because it is harmful to our environment."

That is a very interesting concept. To me, it is like saying you cannot re-use pencils because they are harmful to the environment. That is ridiculous. This could be similar to the tobacco use topic.

Plastic bottles can be an example:

If you think about it, you could just send the plastic bottles back to the manufacturer. You could tell them to reuse the containers. The company would probably send it back to the manufacturer every time. It is a very inefficient way of doing things, but it works. Just tell the company you will not purchase their products again. I could see doing this with the batteries, plastic, paper, and aluminum cans.

This is one aspect of re-using products I did not like. I think it is a very very bad idea. We should just look at the products we have and find ways to reuse them, just like we reuse wood.

Energy Saving Idea:

The cost to produce would be prohibitive, while reusing takes far less energy and resources to produce, and thus saves vast amounts of resources and energy." That is true, but that argument would apply to anything we recycle anyway.

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The reality is that the re-use option may be cheaper. So in the end, the end user pays for it. But that is a discussion for another time. The bottom line is, I would rather save the resources, the energy, and the money, then to not re-use products.

Small things sometime results high:

By doing more things twice, we get more use out of them, we are able to reuse them in different ways, and thus make the resources last longer and be reusable.

We need to finds way:

We need to come up with ways to reuse products, and the product not being reused is a huge problem for us. Instead of not reusing products, we should be saying we can not re-use products because they are harmful to the environment. Let's get our act together, and find a better way to re-use the products we have.

The article says "the product will have to be made from natural materials" I agree. Instead of discarding the aluminum cans and other junk, we should be recycling them. Don't throw 'em away, take 'em to the recycling plant, and make 'em into bars, cans, plates, cups, etc. This way, the environmental risks are minimized, the costs are lowered, and the product can be used in a different way. What if it was made from a natural resource? The energy saved can also be saved. And after all that, the product can still be used, and reused, and be reusable for more uses. Think about it.

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