May 4, 2021

How do I send a condolence message to my Bohra friend on his mother's demise?

Respectful Way for Condolense:

One can use "Personal letters" or send a text message to his mother and ask for her support to attend the cremation of her son's body. These are respectful ways to say goodbye to a departed one.

Appropriate Way at any Age:

Through letters say goodbye in a special way and convey sentiments of sadness without intruding on the reality of the event. These are very appropriate at any age and in different ways. Some parents ask their children to send a poem or a short message saying that they will pray for them. A love letter also says that the sender will send flowers and condolences to the bereaved relatives and send love to the happy ones as well.

Short Test Message at right time do a lot:

How do I send a condolence message to my Bohra friend on his mother's demise?

A short text message can be sent to a "sister" or a close friend, which simply says that the user is thinking of the person and thanks to her for her support.

Cremations are very sorrowful ceremonies. They are so private and unique. After a cremation, the cremated remains are taken to a place of reflection called a mausoleum. The family and friends gather to pay homage to the departed one and to welcome the new one. In some parts of the world, the mausoleum is built of large white marble blocks. In other places, the ashes are scattered with a casket which is decorated with flowers. Sometimes, flowers are placed in the deceased's favorite spot. Mausoleum

As the centuries pass by, the customs of the funeral and the rites of the funeral change. Cremation is now considered as a final farewell to a person. These changes are usually instigated by the rise of new religions and the need to reach for higher spiritual values.

A custom of sending farewell messages to departed ones through song and dance usually accompanies a cremation. This has become a favorite custom of younger people who feel that the music and dance will keep the spirit of the departed alive in the living world. However, these messages also remind people that cremation is an irreversible act. After cremation, the cremated remains go to a new resting place called a mausoleum. The song and dance which are part of this rite of passage also tell people to keep the memory of their departed ones alive in their souls. These song and dance rituals have a magical function because they help people to connect with their departed ones while allowing them to go to a place of rest and silence. They allow the departed ones to rest in peace.

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