May 1, 2021

Essay on Mainstream Media - Social Media or Sponsored Media


The media working in the interest of the majority citizens of a country is called mainstream media. Because citizen in true sense is the stream working with a common interest of a nation and dedicated for the growth of the nation. The commitment of maximum citizens is for the welfare of the people and their country.

Individually sponsored media can never work for the interest of citizens unless it is ethically filled with nationhood, emotion, honesty, brotherhood. He must be connected with the betterment of a country he should own the responsibility of doing an extra bit of thing for his country.

What is the mainstream media of a country? What role does it play?

Essay: Which is Mainstream Media - Social Media or Sponsored Media

The mainstream media or MSM, to give it its full name, means the media of a country. It is the mass media outlets, which are the most popular among their countrymen and women, that share the common views and opinions and, consequently, provide the majority of the information that they get on a daily basis from their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everybody else. But it is also responsible for propagating certain ideas, that might be different from the mainstream or the most commonly held ideas. Sometimes these ideas or perspectives are rejected, ridiculed, or questioned; and this is understandable. After all, most of the time our views and opinions are different from what we hear or see everywhere else. It is therefore important to make sure that the ideas we hold are good and supported. So we check the claims we receive and make sure that they are supported and correct.

The role of the MSM or Mainstream Media can be divided into two parts; namely reporting and opinions.


Reporting can be defined as the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of current events, the reporting of the facts, the news, or the news item according to what the reporter believes to be the right or just thing to do, the right or just thing to say.


Opinions can also be defined as the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas and principles and can vary from person to person.

The roles are different:

The MSM is no exception and thus the role of the Reporter and the Opinionator are two different roles; just like the MSM as well.

Reporters convey the ground report:

The Reporter has to convey what they feel, think and believe. It is their responsibility to convey the news. The Reporter will report the news to the audience. The audience should decide if it is the right thing to know. It is their right to decide.

Opinionator conveys the news with a different opinion:

But the Opinionator also has to do their job to convey the news to the audience and for the audience to decide if it is the right thing to know.

Mainstream Media sometimes spread hate and ignorance:

The MSM or Mainstream Media is as well not without fault or errors. It is often criticized for being the vehicle for spreading hate and ignorance. The MSM has had a negative impact on society. The mass media, to be accurate, should try to contribute to a better society. By its very nature, the MSM usually contributes to hatred, ignorance and bad science.

So the role of the Reporter and the Opinionator also is two different roles and in a way, it is almost like a double role.


In conclusion, it may be noted that the Reporter should strive to help society improve and should always try to communicate the news in a better way. In a way, the Reporter has a social responsibility.

What is Godi Media

A media working in the interest of the ruling party and not for the interest of citizens (by sitting in the lap of a government) is called Godi Media. Godi is a Hindi Word -गोदी

Mainstream media Example

BBC News, CNN, NDTV,AlJajeera, Gulf News etc

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