Jul 13, 2021

Essay on Biophysical Factors to improve living Environment

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Biophysical factors are the effects on the organism of external environments. It is also the interactions between an organism, the environment, and their own metabolism. Factors like light, temperature, humidity, contaminants, contaminants, and the microorganisms that surround the organisms have an influence on the growth, development, and survival of the organism.

They provide the raw materials from which the organism creates its own nourishment. A biophysical ecosystem consists of microorganisms, their food source, and their predators, and it regulates growth and development by maintaining the right balance between the organisms, the food source, and the predators.

Essay on Biophysical Factors to improve living Environment

In the world today, there are many reasons for the people to be concerned and have high hopes that we would achieve a better and more eco-friendly living. The number of biophysical factors is growing rapidly.

modern technologies

Thanks to the progress of modern technologies and agriculture. Many biophysical factors we are facing today are caused by the human's reckless acts and pollution. The present situation is alarming. The air we breathe and the water we drink contain many harmful chemicals and pollutants, so much that they are affecting our health, growth, development, and ultimately our life.

We see these pollutants in the produce we eat, the clothes we wear, the bedding we sleep on, and the foods we eat. In order to improve our living environment, we need to take measures now.

The number of people who are advocating the use of biophysical factors to improve our living environment is growing. There are many things we can do to make our environment friendlier to us. Below are listed some measures that we can do to improve the living environment.

1. Think about the things you buy at the store. What were they made of and where did they come from? Did they come from a landfill?

2. Learn about the products you buy at the store. How much were they and where did you purchase them?

3. Make a list of the products you want. Make a list of all the companies you want, even if you don't plan on using them. Write down their contact information and where they are located.

4. Write down what companies or products you don't want. Why you don't want them? Why didn't you plan on using them?

5. Write down what other companies or products you don't think should be in your home. What are they? Why don't you want them?

6. Buy only the items you plan on using. Purchase the items you don't want at the store. Purchase the ones that are out of season or not in stock.

7. Reprogramme or delete a virus from your computer. Uninstall viruses from your computer.

8. When you go to the hardware store, ask them to provide a label for the items you purchase. Ask them to write the serial number of the products you purchased. Write it down so you can keep it. Write it down on the label for each product. Don't forget to label the bag.

9. If you didn't put a serial number on your items, have a friend look at the serial numbers. If someone stole your items, you can get the serial numbers.

10. Make a list of all the products you purchased. This list will be your security system. This is your list of people who can't get into your home. You must keep them out.

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