Oct 12, 2021

Essay-The Complete Guide to Divorce Legalization in the Philippines

Introduction: The Details of Divorce Legalization in the Philippines

Divorce is no longer the disgraceful process it used to be. Legalizing divorce is a long and tedious process, but it does come with some benefits for those who take the plunge.

Essay-The Complete Guide to Divorce Legalization in the Philippines

It is important to note that not all marriages can be dissolved through legal separation or divorce. But for those who qualify, the following are the requirements:

- Both parties must be 18 years of age or older

- The validity of marriage should not have been annulled before

- One spouse should live in the Philippines and one spouse should live abroad for at least five consecutive years before filing a petition

- There must be proof that their marriage has broken down beyond repair and there’s no chance of reconciliation

How to Apply for Divorce in the Philippines

The process of getting a divorce is not complicated in the Philippines. However, there are certain requirements that you will need to meet before filing for divorce.

- Applicants must be 18 years old or older

- You must have been married for at least 6 months

- You must have at least one child with your spouse

- There are no additional residency or citizenship requirements

Divorce Process in the Philippines

How to Apply for Divorce in the Philippines

Divorce proceedings can be a long and difficult process. In this article, we will explore the divorce process in the Philippines to show how it differs from other countries.

The divorce proceedings in the Philippines are a lot simpler compared to Western countries. It is not necessary for both parties to hire a lawyer (from available types of lawyers) , but it is advisable for one party to hire a lawyer especially if there are monetary disputes or if there are children involved.

In some cases, filing for divorce is as easy as getting a self-help kit from the nearest MOM office and filling out an application form with your spouse’s signature. In other cases, you will need to get a court order from the Family Court where you will need to present evidence that your marriage has broken down beyond reconciliation.

Legal Issues Arising from Divorce

Divorce is the dissolution of marriage. It is the legal termination of the marital relationship.

Divorce can be initiated by either spouse, or jointly or even unilaterally by a court in some countries. Divorce may be an alternative to a legal separation in cases where there are no children and little property to divide.

In a society in which a high priority has been placed on the institution of marriage and in which divorce carries a social stigma, it is difficult for people who want to end their marriages to do so.

Conclusion: Is Marriage Possible Again?

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