Dec 7, 2022

What is Islam means? Essay

The writer has listened to Quran's translation many times and shared the experience in the best possible way. May Almighty Allah forgive him for any mistake. Please comment on any objectionable matter or point from point of view of Quran...Aameen. All of these are my personal opinion. Islam is far far better than my small understanding.

Allah SWT means Allah Subhan Wa Tala

👉What is Islam means? This is a very common question asked by many non-Muslims. Islam means submitting your will to Allah SWT. 

👉Islam is one of the easiest religions. The most important point for becoming a Muslim is to believe in the Creator and believe in the final messenger. That's it.  

👉No investment is needed. No cost of practice for the poor. No need to showcase any materialistic sign in your life. 

👉Allah SWT is telling in the Quran that he will put every Muslim eventually into a paradise forever and ever (unlimited lifespan, Arabic word is ABADAN ABDA).

👉If the bad deeds of a Muslim are more than good deeds then he fails to succeed on the day of judgment but not forever. He will be put into hellfire ( Jahannam ) to face punishment due to his bad deeds.  But at last ("Eventually" ) Almighty Allah SWT will bring back him into Jannat because of his belief in almighty Allah SWT.

👉Therefore brother anyone can get a passport of paradise ( Jannat ) only by believing in the creator and his message. Thereafter good deeds will work as Visa to directly enter into Jannat for his net good deeds. So simple. 

👉Following the rules of Islam is to achieve the visa of the best classes available in paradise ( Jannat ). Fewer followers of these rules will get a lower category of paradise ( Jannat ). No follower of these rules will have to travel to Jannat via Jahannam. 

👉Now you will say, then why so many rules for Muslims in the Quran. Friends any Group / organisation /Association/country has its rules and regulation to run the system smoothly. Then how are you thinking that almighty Allah SWT will leave us without any rules in this vast creation where planets, ocean, stars, sky, etc are configured properly and set for the benefit of one of the best creation of Allah SWT ; which is human. 

According to the Quran: 👉What about non-believer. Allah SWT is telling in the Quran at many places that he will not be going to release non-believers. The non-believer will never succeed to go to Jannat. It is because they are denying the creator and his message. 

👉 How much is it difficult for non-believers to go to paradise (Jannat). According to Quran it is mentioned with an example. Example:- The success of non-believers to go to paradise is as much hard as passing of a camel through a needle (cloth sewing needle). 

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