Dec 4, 2022

What makes Islam Special Religion Essay

The writer has listened to Quran's translation many times and shared the experience in the best possible way. May Almighty Allah forgive him for any mistake. Please comment on any objectionable matter or point from point of view of Quran...Aameen.

The most special thing about Islam is that - it makes sense whenever we ask questions about the purpose of life.

There are many specialties in the surah of The Quran that make Islam special to think about.

The context of justice and punishment is very clear. 

This is the only book that promises the reward hereafter for doing good deeds in this life and warns of the evil doings of this life. 

There is a clear check and balance about any instructions. The only thing is that one should first hear the full translation and thereafter try to connect the Ayats to get clear instructions. 

According to  Islamic point of view, the  ultimate success of life  is achieving paradise by following instruction of the Quran. Almighty Allah S W T will see our effort.  

No taste of death in paradise. This is the most important wish human beings want in this life. 

No fear of becoming old, No fear of disease. These are our high-degree wishes; which humans want to achieve with the help of money and power. But it is not possible in this life as quoted in Quran. 

Every taste (taste of food, vision, smell, feeling, love, affection, happiness, joy, amusement, listening to songs, etc) of this life is a trailer. Therefore to see the full film we should pursue the purpose of life  to get all these which will be available for ever and ever here after this life.

Similar is the clear instruction of punishment for ever and ever in Jahannam who denies  the creator, his creation,  previous reveletions, and the final reveletion The Quran. This is one of the great speciality of Islam to be very clear about the judgement. 

The surah of the Quran itself has a unique eloquence and soothing effect that bind our heart and mind to pay attention to it. 

Allah S W T is informing us about the day of judgment. Allah S W T is citing the number of Farista ( 19 nos. mentioned in Quran) in Hellfire only to confirm Momin and Jahnnumi to belive that what I mentioned in the Quran here you can count. Now you can realize how clear and perfect was my message. 

There are complete guidelines for society, economy, family law and clear way towards the creator in the Quran.

The Quran has revealed history, present, future and hereafter this life of this whole creation. This can only be known to the creator.

 Islam is the only way of life acceptable to almighty Allah S W T. LOGIC: Qaaynat is one. Earth is one. Sky is one. Fact of Islam revealed many times through the prophets is one from Adam , Noha, Ibrahim, Suleman, Daaud, Moosa, Isha and Finally prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam peace be upon all of them.



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