Aug 24, 2023 Review 2023: Is This Plagiarism Checker Worth It? Review 2023: Is This Plagiarism Checker Worth It?

Maintaining the integrity of original content has become easier with than ever before.

As writers continuously churn out content, the possibility of unintentional duplication or, worse, outright theft of intellectual property looms large.

This is where claims to be at the forefront of plagiarism detection in 2023.

But with a plethora of plagiarism checkers saturating the market, does this tool genuinely stand out?

In this comprehensive review, we dive deep into the features, accuracy, and user experience of

Whether you're a seasoned writer seeking the best tools or a student ensuring your assignment is free from unintentional copy-pasting, this review aims to answer the burning question:

Is truly worth the investment?

Stick around to find out. Review: In A Nutshell stands out as a robust, user-friendly plagiarism detection tool tailored for writers, students, and educators alike.

Offering advanced plagiarism checks, this AI-powered tool prides itself on accuracy, claiming superiority over giants like Turnitin and Copyscape.

With features such as auto-paraphrasing, detailed plagiarism reports, and a comprehensive database spanning online documents to video transcripts, it ensures comprehensive plagiarism detection.

Notably, the platform promises data integrity by not storing user content, making it a safe option to choose.

Features Of offers an extensive suite of features that makes it a prime choice for plagiarism detection. These features are:

1.       Comprehensive Database Coverage boasts an impressive database that spans over 1 billion online documents, ebooks, offline documents, and more. This exhaustive range ensures that no stone is left unturned during a plagiarism check.

2.       Generous Word-Check Limit

Unlike many other tools, this platform allows you to check sizable documents—up to 25,000 words per scan—making it ideal for lengthier academic and professional content.

3.       Plagiarism Percentage Display

You gain a clear picture of their content's uniqueness, thanks to the platform's ability to display results with a percentage. This functionality helps differentiate between minor similarities and significant plagiarized segments.

4.       Auto-Paraphrasing to Remove Plagiarism

Beyond merely highlighting plagiarized content, offers you the ability to paraphrase flagged text so that you can cite sources.

5.       Multilanguage Support

Broadening its utility to a global audience, the platform is equipped to detect plagiarism in multiple languages, catering to non-English content creators and researchers.

6.       AI Content Detection

In a nod to the advancements of machine-generated content, also offers an AI Content Detector, helping discern whether content might have been generated by other artificial intelligence tools.

7.       Data Privacy and Integrity

You can rest easy knowing their data isn’t stored in hidden repositories. The tool respects user privacy, ensuring that submitted work remains confidential and is not retained post-check. Accuracy

During my hands-on experience with, I decided to put its accuracy to the test using a range of content, both original and taken from known online sources.

Upon submitting my document, the tool took mere seconds to analyze the text and showcase the results.


The segments I had borrowed from online sources were distinctly highlighted, with links to the original content.

The accuracy was commendable.

Even when I attempted to throw it off-track with slightly paraphrased content, it was still able to detect a considerable similarity.

1.       Testing Published Content:

Here, you can see how the platform highlighted a paragraph I had taken from a renowned blog.

It not only pinpointed the plagiarized section but also provided a direct link to the original content.

2.       Testing Original Content:

For my original content, the tool confidently displayed a 100% uniqueness score, assuring me of its capabilities.

3.       Testing Paraphrased Content:

On a subtler note, when I introduced content that was rephrased, the tool still flagged it with a higher percentage of duplication. This demonstrated its keen sensitivity to even cleverly disguised plagiarized content.

Testing paraphrased content

Such precision, especially with paraphrased text, underscores the tool’s advanced algorithms and its potential value for users aiming for the utmost originality in their work.

Pros And Cons Of


     Vast database spanning online documents, ebooks, offline documents, and more

     Check up to 25,000 words in a single go

     Color gradings results

     Provides a percentage-based similarity report

     Get added assistance with paraphrasing

     Multiple languages

     Stable internet connection is a must

     As of now, there isn’t a feature to integrate with word processors or content management systems.

Pricing Of offers a range of pricing plans tailored to various needs. Here's a breakdown of their monthly offerings:


Words Limit


Deep Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Report




10,000 words







100,000 words






1.       Starter (Recommended for students):

At just $5 a month, students can benefit from a robust 10,000-word check limit. This package is activated and offers AI-technology-based checks, deep plagiarism analysis, detailed reports, and supports multiple languages.

2.       Professional (Recommended for writers):

For a slightly higher fee of $10/month, writers and professionals can avail of an impressive 100,000-word limit. The plan encompasses all features of the Starter package but provides a larger word limit, catering to the frequent needs of professionals.


Final Thoughts: Is Worth It?

Given its range of features, accuracy, user experience, and competitive pricing, holds its own in a saturated market of plagiarism checkers. While it’s always good to explore and test various options to find what works best for individual needs, has proven its merit in this review.


For those seeking a reliable plagiarism checker that combines the strengths of AI technology with user-centric features and pricing, might just be the perfect fit.

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