Jul 5, 2011

502 Words Essay on Summer Season | Summer Season Nibandh

(502 Words):Summer is the hot season in India. Summer season falls in May  as per English Calender. According to Hindi calender it falls in Baisakh and Jeyshtha.

I think in these day during summer , we feel very uneasy. The sweat on the body and housefly sitting on our skin and sucking sweat is very much embarrassing particularly in India.  Sun strike our body and put our daily living very tough. I think we must go out and utilise our summer vacation at cooler atmosphere.

Summer season happens due to rotation of the earth round the sun. When northern hemisphere faces sun directly then there comes summer. 

Summer season is the time for rest for farmers. During summer farmers and villagers enjoy the leisure in fullest. All the filled remain vacant and dry. In village area marriages are arranged in summer season from primitive time. Summer season has great advantages for marriage ceremony with respect to other season. No room or hotel required for hospitality of  groom side people (Barati in Hindi ) that means the bride side people have not to take any headache regarding blanket, pillow etc for serving or hosting groom side people. Expenditure on food is very little because people fear of eating overdose whatever delicious food may be. I think it's the greatness of the summer season which saves the financially weak villagers from huge burden of marriage expenditure. The timing of marriage is archaic it is not creative. According to much religious belief in India of making pairs on certain date is compulsory and this date falls generally in Summer. 

There are certain disadvantages of summer season also. Water crisis is one of the major problems where people are completely dependent upon water supply. We noticed in news media every year people are fighting against government person for supplying water in sufficient quantity and in time. Other one major issue is death due to sun stock. As the temperature are increasing year to year due to global warming , therefore Summer season is becoming threat to the general people ; who had no protection power (e.g. Air-conditioner installed in houses) are suffering from sun stock death . As numbers of trees are becoming reduced due to deforestation the dangerous heat of summer are crossing the safe natural limit of temperature. Due to less water in the catchment area of hydro power station, and increased maximum demand of the town, power crisis is another worse condition. 

It is our duty to increase afforestation and to save power, water and energy to combat the global warming. It is because big world meeting and its decision is not in the hand of individual general public. So we must think for our small contribution towards the health of the nature. So that we could try to check the increase death toll due to sun stock. We should think on the fact that small drops can be a part of large ocean and large ocean of world population can make an ocean. 

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