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552 Words Air Pollution Essay For Class 3,4,5

By Anusa500 Words--Air pollution essay topic  is a very important for lower class. So read this essay.Introduction:Air pollution is the contamination of harmful gases, dust, fumes or odor in undesirable amounts. That is, the amounts which can be harmful to the health of humans and animals . This can cause damage to plants and materials also.
It has been noticed that nature has given most of lifesaving needs for our life completely free. Air is one of those needs. Without it we cannot live. The worse fact is that we seldom take care of this most precious gift. We provide safety to our materialistic secondary needs but pay less attention on precious one. We never remember that what we are discharging to the atmosphere will come back to our nose and enter into our lungs to damage it slowly.Cause of Pollution: The industrial harmful discharge is increasing in large quantity day by day. Noxious gas emitting from vehicles, chlorofluoro carbon (CFC) from refrigerators and AC (air conditioner…

10 lines on Good Manners short Essay Class 1

I say please before requesting.I say thank you when someone give me somethingI wash my hand before eating any thing.I eat on dining table always with my parent.I go to bed early.I get up early in the morning.I obey to elders.I listen carefully.I do not skip in the line (queue).I apologize for my mistake.I cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough.I respect teachers.I say hello properly. 10 lines on Good Manners for kids essay Point wise (lower classes) : Manners for kids to be dealt specifically for 'phone manners', 'School manners' etc. We must learn also 'teaching manners for kids'. We can use manner worksheets also to teach in an interesting way. Many parents have no time to write a suitable essay for their son or daughter. This essay will give an idea to make this essay according to their requirement. Keywords:school for manners, good manners and etiquette, teaching children manners,bedside manner, courtesy.
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Presence Of Mind Essay For Class 5

This essay is very important not only as a sample essay for class 5 but also as very good learning about presence of mind. In this essay I will explain  to develop and improve self control of emotion, feelings, and mindset, that ultimately controls the presence of mind. Also key of achieving better presence of mind for those who has not got blessing of God; is explained here. So it is very interesting to read this essay carefully. Presence of mind means how the mind is aware and prepare to impress and influence the audience of any questaionare attack smartly in a moment taking very short period of time. Actually it is a great God gift to a man. This boon is blessing of God to fortunate one only. We have heard many times in our daily life about absent mind. It causes many danger at critical places of working like working with electricity or doing an operation or driving vehicles etc. It is most important to first know the absent mind activities to correct and improve one’s presence of m…