The Children's Day Celebration Essay For Class (Std) 2

Children day is an honour for the welfare of children. Universal children day was recommended buy United Nations on 20th november annually to honour the children .

It was adopted in 1954. Other nations individually has  choosen children's day on other day like us in india 14th of november is celebrated to honour the children.

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Children's Day is celebrated every year on  14 Th November. The birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as children's day. He was the first Prime Minister of independent India. He has extreme love for children. It is because of this his birthday is celebrated as 'Children's Day'. All school children celebrate 14th November with great enthusiasm.

The Children's Day Essay For Class (Std) 2

They celebrate it as festival. Balloons flags and flutter everywhere. The schools organise cultural programs or sports to mark the occasion. Meritorious students are given prizes. Sweats are distributed among the students.

In our school, Children's day is celebrated with great pomp and vigor. Cultural programs are put up by the teachers of our school. Our schools also hold various competitions on essay writing, painting. Children come in coloured dresses and enjoy their day to the fullest. On that day our school also distributes sweet which we relish it with our friend.

Everywhere in India, this day is celebrated by on and all for betterment of the children so they grow up into a well balanced citizen of the country.

This essay is made simple because it is for class or std. 2.

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