Dec 8, 2012

Cellphones or Mobile a Blessing or a Curse Essay for Class 8

This subject (Cell Phones or Mobile a Blessing or a Curse) has not yet cached by school teachers or by students. But it is one of the most wanted subject for essay competition. We here discuss it as blessing or curse in very interesting and expressive way.

mobile or cellphone photograph image Cellphone means a small portable radio-telephone. Cellphone or mobile is now become a need for all from top level people to the bottom level people like labour or Rikshawala. Before six to eight years if anybody didn't have mobile with him outside the home, Then it didn't used to make any difference, but in today's time cellphone is creating difference and impacting greatly our day to day activities. It has become compulsory like ROTI, KAPDA , MAKAN AUR MOBILE (CELLPHONE) [in English: BREAD, CLOTHE, HOUSE AND CELLPHONE ]. In the office we cannot miss it.  Even at the time of sleeping we usually keep it near our reach. It has become the substitute of Watch and at many cases it has become our personal assistant. It just handles our all tension by reminding , calling calculating, note writing, messaging etc.  It has enhanced our daily performance by controlling our maximum activities. Thus undoubtedly mobile (cellphone) has become blessing for us.

mobile or cellphone tower   photograph, imageIn contrast to its blessing mobile has brought many evils and bad practices in our daily life. We are becoming dependent on this device even to keep a small thing in our memory. Thus our memory is deteriorating slowly. Its high frequency microwave are damaging our ear. This is producing brain cancer in small percentage. The Cellphone Tower's microwave are affecting our body. If the Mobile Tower lies in the range from 50 m to 300 m from the base station then it will harm at greater extent. Badman are communicating with this device accurately to spread terror in the society. Thieves and murderer are using it negatively for wrong activities. Thus Cellphone has become curse for us also.

Disadvantages (Curse): Let first we think about the bad gift of today's communication advancement and its effect on  us and analyse it whether we are cursed or incredibly blessed. Satellite exploded the communication industry throughout the globe. They played a magical lead role for commercialising the cellphone market , but equally endorsed and penetrate the threat of large electromagnetic wave encircling our cities  and villages. At the time of  growing Cellphone industries , It's goodness covered its dark destructive effect but eventually we started feeling the danger of microwave. The diseases like skin disease, hearing disease , DNA damage,bones weakening, sleep disorders, increase in Cancer risk may be caused if someone remains in the area microwave energy of  beyond permissible energy density limit. In  India   safe radiation level adopted of power density is 4.7 W/sq m. for GSM900 band. GSM-900 is the frequency band adopted in India. It uses 890–915 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station.

Technical Explanation of microwave effect on our body- If we assume a human body of average 5'2"  height and 34" waist and if our body is assumed to be cylindrical in shape then our body surface area will be 1.479 sq. m [ 2πr2+2πrh] . Therefore human body will receive 6.9513 watt (4.7x1.479 W). In one hour energy received will be 6.9513x3600= 25.025 kw-second. In one day it will be 25.025x24=600.59 kw-second. That means our body can be safe up to this limit as per safety norms. This means that our body can bear the 500W rating micro oven radiation for about 20 min [{(600.59/500)*1000}/60].   Let us know how a mobile receive signals. The signals here our voice is carried with the help of large carrier wave. The signal.

Other than Technical: Young Girls and boys are talking and communicating at their premature age without their parent's permission and due to this many unsocial events are happening thereby destroying their lives (particularly girls). Excess communication are wasting vital time of students. Thieves,terrorists, Maoists and murderers are efficiently planning and communicating to harm the social balance. Cricket match fixing is being possible because of cellphone. Tax are evaded by many by doing mobile Satorias activities.   Kidnappers are using this device for their escape.There are many example like these. Personal very small information (simple gossip) are swimming at lightening speed through the wireless communication and are being suffering from more disclosure  among the society thereby causing  smooth relationship of the near and deers.

Advantage (Blessing) of Cellphone or Mobile: Everybody knows that mobile communication is become a need of the world. It is because it proved its tremendous value of bringing the globe for any purpose within fraction of second and supported and strengthened the decision making. It has completely changed the way of living and has become the strongest player of today's strong economy. Now one by one I am explaining its advantages (blessings).

Always remains connected from anywhere at anyplace One can feel this tremen dous value of cellphone if he forgets his phone at his home. Previously Landline phone was good communication , but it is the best because of its mobility. All time connectivity has solved huge problems of rapidly growing world.

SMS: It is used as security interlock by many banks for money transfer on the internet. It has removed the yearly expenses of sending greeting cards and in a click delivering messages to many persons at a time thereby reducing huge time loss. It has become the better substitute for written communication. It is because of differences in pronunciation written communication become the king and in many cases it is preferred to calling.

Entertainment: Mobile phone is providing offline and online entertainment . Listening mp3 music , watching videos, Live cricket, Chatting with friend, are providing full entertainment on move.

e-Assistant: Cellphone is now become our electronic assistance and solving  many requirements of our daily life. Mobile banking, reminder, calender , internet browsing , online air and rail ticket status checking , driving direction finding  in metro cities, e-dictionary etc are the services that has enhanced tremendously our daily performance at large scale. Now a days if someone is not taking this services from his mobile or cellphone then he will be far behind to the today's professional  in achieving his objective. He can not fill the gap if he misses these one what I just explained above.

Conclusion: So we see that there are disadvantages and advantages of the cellphone. But it depends on the user behaviour. There are much advantages of the mobile. Although it has many disadvantage, yet we can not proceed without it in today's sense. So cellphone is undoubtedly a blessing without which we can not perform.


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  2. mobile is useful for us and mobile is also harmful for us because many of diesses caused by cell like slow brain cancer, eye side week, low heard level,so be careful teenagers

  3. mobile is useful for us and mobile is also harmful for us because many of diesses caused by cell like slow brain cancer, eye side week, low heard level,so be careful teenagers

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