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Private School vs Government School Essay

Private school vs government school is one of the highest concern for the people of India and particularly proper regulation and monitoring of private and government schools are the big issue. The topic needs not to define in more detail, because the title of this is sending all message regarding  the content which is needed to be explained here. Everybody, community and even the system is trying to do needful for the regulation of the private and government schools. 
It is quite tough to generalize strength and weakness of Private and Government schools because it depends on a particular school , how it deals with the students and in the system. However in recent time many distinct positive and negative differences have been noticed from both type of the schools.

First of all I will throw the focus on the strength and weakness of these two model of the schooling system.  Secondly here the precaution and measures to be taken ; will be dealt.  And lastly conclusion will be written. 

How do You Help Your Parents at Home Essay for Class 3

I feel proud of any help to my parents. In the morning I get ready myself for school. I keep books in school bag for  day routine. I water the plants on every Sunday. I also lock main entrance door and Garage everyday. I clean my computer and laptop when my Mummy says to do. I clean my clothes sometime when my parents remain busy. I serve glass of water and other little things; which  my parents need. I also serve the guests with my Mummy. Usually I prepare Salad at lunch time. Sometime I also cook Omelet for my parents. Recently I painted the metal door and gate of the lawn with my father. For house keeping purpose, I enter  inside of large box to keep our bed sheet, pillows, blanket etc. I take down all the washed clothes from the sun shine. When my maid servant remains absent , then I broom the room and clean the room floor.  I massage our parents  when they feel tired. In shopping of grocery I carry the shopping baskets. In hospital I stand in queue instead of my parents. Above …

Old Age Home Essay for Class 7

By Anusa:  987 Word
Introduction: Old age home may be defined as "A retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens". It is sometimes called an old men's home or  Retirement home.Old age home is the aged men's unfortunate and unexpected destination despite delivering all fortunes and expectation of their beloved son or daughter. Old age Home is the very good success formula of today's nuclear family believer and killer results of old aged sentiments. The young generation frankly decides for exclusion of old aged methodology of joint family and advocates of old age home. Young generation feels old age people a burden. It is because the traditional values and sociability have been changed drastically in today's time. The old age group is now feeling this embarrassing  blow. The aged people are spending their twilight years in isolation , pain and misery. All these collectively are responsible for old age home concept.

Few Record…

Rash Driving A Danger Essay for Class 9

650 words:Rash means reckless or without sense . Here rash driving means careless driving, i.e. driving without keeping or thinking safety of driving. It is the zeal, zest, spark, smartness and new blood of youth that raises the dangerous spirit of rash driving. By grace of more money in public hand , it is wasted idiotically  by driving carelessly.  It is one example of running behind adventurous happiness. Many people feel satisfaction and happiness in adventure. But if we investigate the road accident records, we will find that about 70%(myself assessment) of them occurred due to rash driving or careless driving. If you read this ( ,then it had been found that India tops the list of road accident among southeast Asean countries.This is becoming more dangerous offence in many country.  A lot of stringent laws are imposed but rash driving is still not in full control. More lives are being lost in a…