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Aug 16, 2013

If I would Be a Bird Essay for Class 7 | If I were a Bird Essay for Class 7

bird birds photo image pictureBy Akbar Ali: (408 words Essay-Dream Flight of Imagination): My inquiring eyes watch into the thought of bird's emotion, its feeling, its flying, its nourishing activities to their children etc. Eyesight power of birds from height of thousands meters and identifying the grains of life is put me to feel the great, mightiest, superior and inequitable strength of God's creation. It is unfortunate that delusive and doubtful human thought  search the belief and proof of existence of God. Let us come to the limitation of boundary that God has extended for birds towards virtue of infinity. How it be if I would be a bird.  I could think beyond the extension of land part. I could be free to fly in 360 degree direction without the restriction of road and lane.  I could fly in the sky and can travel thousands kilometer. I could easily go to my native village without any fare. I could see the beauty of our town from the top of the atmosphere. I could taste the fresh hanging fruits. I would not be bounded by any rule and regulation. Flood and earthquake could not harm me. Most of all I could be safe from  economic and social disparities of today's system. I could not be pressurized for putting dying energy for competition to get a job. I could be safe from human ill activities like terrorism and Maoism. We could enjoy natural beauty at fullest.  

Freedom of expression and disposition of feeling couldn't be curtailed by the politician and muscled politician.  We could be completely relaxed without mental burden of thousands of tasks. It would be no need of standing in the queue of hospital for running behind life and stressing anxiously daily for fear of deadly deceases. Only God's decision of my life would be final. Before that life would be very simple and peaceful. Complexity of human life has complicated the happiness of simplicity and  day after day drowning us into ocean of problems. How difficult it has become to remain more simpler. We should take the example of a natural life.  How nature remains still natural as it was before millions of years. We had changed the design of our life so much that it has become more tougher to remain normal. Abnormality , unethical activities, rudeness , complexity, duping disposition of human beings have forced me to dream myself  like a bird. I think it is my clever and happiest dream. 
How do you explain your dream as bird. Add few lines below. 

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