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Aug 21, 2013

Essay on Boating for Class 7 (Nauka Vihar 580 Words)

Power Boats like 'Yacht', 'jet boat' 'bow rider' etc are the few names that has become lifeline of 'Boat transportation'.This essay writings will give innovative idea of writing about boating as a means of recreation; which is a common essay topic asked by teachers in many schools. Below navigation can be used to go to respective location.

First Boating Experience
Second Boating Experience.
By Azra Ahmad:(580 Words):

Introduction: Boating means floating on water with the help of boat for recreation or for sport in water. Here I am explaining two boating experiences at two different places. First of all it is more important to know few history of boat.

Boat has given new concept of connectivity from one land part to another. If we search its history then we will come to know that boat is being used from ancient time. The archaeological survey reveals that the boats were used before 7000 to 10000 years ago (wikipedia). The ancient boats were Log boats usually cut from trunk of a tree. Boats were used for commercial purpose between Indus Valley civilization and Mesopotamia. Columbus, Vasko da Gama and Magellan have given important discoveries with boat. There are three types of boats e.g. Unpowered or Human powered boat, sailboat and motorboat. 

First Boating Experience: Now come to the point. This is one evening I went to a Park fully prepared for boating. The evening was very touching and beauty of joy was ruling visitors. I had no exam pressure that is why I was very much relaxed and in full mood of snatching the ecstasy of boating. I told to my parent about my eagerness for boating. Instantly I got the permission but not allowed alone. We hired a boat and all four family members started boating. It was manual boat; which had propelling force arrangement for two people. I and my younger brother were operating the boat. The gentle air was very nice to feel. During boating we came at the bank and took our coffee. We were in water for half an hour. One safety I noticed that there was live jackets in the boat. I think from safety point of view everybody must know its use. It is because water gives us pleasure and it takes our life very easily. Many accidents had been happened in the past so we must be under rule of safety. That was first very nice experience of boating. But my next ambition is to do riding on motor boat. 

Second Boating Experience: This one is not very enjoying boat journey but it was a fearful experience at Andaman andman photo image picture 1and Nicobar Island. We planned to see the corals at North Bay Island of Andaman. As we stayed at Portblair therefore it was very easy to catch the small motor boat to go to North Bay Island. As this journey was of about 4.4 km in the sea water, therefore it was very adventurous boat journey. Boating in the park in small water catchment area and travelling in sea water was completely different. There were about 20 people in the boat. The entire passengers were of different nature and also have different degree of water fear. One man started crying at the middle of the journey as he was feeling much fear from wave of andman photo image picture 2sea water. But many of us order him to keep quiet and not to make any disturbance. Anyhow we reached at the North Bay and watched various kinds of corals with the help of expert swimmer.  There was various kinds of colored corals. We ate fresh raw coconut. It was very tasty. Also we booked our lunch there. Although the lunch costs us much but it was like a picnic on an Island. It was first time in my life to visit an Island. We returned from North Bay after two hours. During this travel we maintained very much safety.

Please suggest us by commenting- how to make this more interesting.

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