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Oct 21, 2013

Essay on My Ambition in Life | Doctor Artists etc.

By Azra Ahmad: 432 words:

Ambition is strong willingness for succeeding or achieving target, goal distinction etc. and to make  special aim to reach Up to the set dream.

How to choose your ambition :   Dreaming about aim is simple but many of us are weak to set our ambition at right time in our lives . It is the only one fault that forces us to dream even at the expiry stage . For many years self-undefined and unsettled students do not remain sure about their ambition . Why to remain confused in this computing age . Every thing including emotion can be computed . Then why not our ambition or Aim of life can be assessed.

    Now I am explaining very simple method to choose your goal or ambition.

  • l. Write all options whatever comes in your mind . in doing this follow your heart.
  • Write your strong subject or field and weak  subject.
  • Asses your future financial support. In this  case parent will assist you.
  • Now find strength and weakness at present situation. Present situation means at which stage you are judging for your goal selection.
  • Suppose you have multiple choice like sport music education scientist, mathematician, artist, writer, cricketer and many more that all could not be mentioned here.
  • Now match all the above 1 to 5 options with the help of parent and be confident whether you will be happy or not from bottom of your heart.

If someone knows flow chart then it can be easily concluded logically. In this image I am showing just for an example. Right Click on the image and click 'open image in a new tab' to see it clearly.

It is must for everybody to be ambitious otherwise the life will be directionless. It will be such that someone walking without knowing the destination and it's path. Like a writer is writing without the knowledge of subject matter.

Now I am telling you the most vital tip that will surely put a lot of confidence in choosing your strong ambition . **Read the success story of successful personalities to strengthen your choice and it will provide you lot of inputs by examples that have been followed by the leader of those fields . Because the historical paths of the great successful people are the future definite process of achieving more for today's people. But be sure that sometime few people are destined with sixth sense and power ; which may not be suitable and equitable with your potential. So everything should be counted strategically with individual strength and weakness.

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