Jan 25, 2014

My Ambition to become a CSS officer Essay

Ambition lays out a straight goal for ambitious students and strengthens the candidate's potential by guiding him in right direction. So we must have an ambition in our life.

Having ambition to become a part of one of the prestigious service; css (Central Superior Service)  is ideal one. CSS is the most vital administrative service of Pakistan.

The css preparation needs high skill original and creative writing. The analytical skill to be strengthened. Avoid ready-mad answering. The essay writing to be practiced to write effectively. All these can be improved by reading more articles of standard newspapers and quality magazines. The more important is to acquire extensive general knowledge and intensive perfection in the selected subject. It is because knowledge is the manifestation of great writing skill. As per FPSC report, It has been noticed that in English essay many students used to write low quality content and they usually do mistakes in English Grammar.

The compulsory  subjects ( ENGLISH ESSAY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, EVERYDAY SCIENCE, PAKISTAN AFFAIRS and ISLAMIYAT ) of written test must be paid high attention. I think it is must to make a time table to maintain discipline of daily study. It is logically advisable to study at least 6 hour a day. Shortcut study to be avoided from very beginning of schooling period. Always think to understand any topic clearly. It needs in depth extensive reading. Now a days it is more easier to know about any topic with the help of Internet.  Information is not a barrier in today's time. Only determination , hard labour and perseverance to succeed can easily achieve the destiny.

Examination pattern for css examination is given below:
Written Examination,I
Medical Test,
Psychological Test; and
Viva Voce.
Eligible criteria and other conditions can be known from here. https://www.cssforum.com.pk/css-rules.php#2

To choose css carries it is very compulsory to know your potential and self belief. I am highlighting this because recent report 2013 of FPSC ( Federal Public Service Commission ) was very surprising. The success rate was just  2.09% ; which was 30% in 2002 . Behind this data there are certain facts also. The other reason arguably may be that the pay package of css is not lucrative , therefore talented students have less propensity toward this Service. The government should watch this and make a review about the pride of this job to make it more attractive . In India CSE examination is very lucrative and has high number of aspirants. Success rate is so high that top scorers only get chance of selection.
But aspirations for css examination are advised to come to deliver the best. It needs hard devotion and strategic time management to cover maximum course for general subjects and specialised knowledge in the main subjects.
But I also recommend students to have alternatives  as per priority list ; which is to be set at very early stage of life. It is because you must have to safeguard yourself from life-crash. 
Css is one way to serve your country directly. It is not to be valued on the basis of pays.

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