Nov 14, 2014

Customs and Traditions of India are Rapidly Getting Lost Essay | For Class 12

(637 Words): Custom and tradition is a unique identity of a group, society, country etc that makes it different from other. It makes it original. It may be argued that custom and tradition is the foundation of a society in course of its social, political and economical development process.

Earlier people in society used to live within their customs and traditions. They respected their culture and obeyed it very strictly. Their lifestyle was very much different from today's lifestyle of the people. During old days people were remain stick to their customs and traditions and for this they have very high respect in the society. But today's lifestyle has lost its ground. We can say that it is decreasing very rapidly. People do not respect each other without any intention of return. We can see that people are adopting nuclear family concept because they think that joint family creates a lot of problems. But earlier people loved to live in joint family.

 We have also got shifted from our traditional food habits. It has also been changed. We love to eat western food more that Indian food like pizza, burger, hot drink, soft drink, ice cream etc. Now a day these foods are liked by more people. Our traditional foods like Dal bhatti Churma , Poori, Litti, Khichri, Dahibara, Gulgula, bharta, Raayta, Dahi-chura, Dal meka Dulha (Dubhaki), Aujhi etc. are made only on few occasions. Few of these foods are not cooked at all. This is much unexpected. Our fitness is not up to the average level. Our born babies are abnormal with borne diseases. Theses may be because of our prolonged bad lifestyle of food. 

We were living with our great traditional eco-biological chain with cow, goat, buffalo, bull, ass etc. these animals were delivering us bio-manure, but we are now fully dependent on chemical manure that are making our food poisonous. As a a result we are suffering from critical disease like cancer.

We have changed us to remain alone on social media irrespective of our traditional physical interrelationships. All these have turned us selfish. Today we don't care a dying person on a road accident. Think it seriously because unfortunately this may be our turn on the road in future. Really we are not able to be regarded as human being. Our development has made us animal. I abuse and hate this modern society. Our ancestors never dreamed this culture and tradition. Perhaps they are crying in silence. They never made a foundation of this western house of values.
Modern education system has got drastically changed. Modern education is following western pattern thereby discarding traditional method. The vital matter of concern is that the traditional values of education is depleting day by day. One day we will notice that we are fully copying the western values in our day to day life; which is going to be very dangerous. As because our traditional education system not only imparted the subject knowledge but it also trained the students about importance of moral and human values. In past time student used to touch feet of the teachers and treat him guru with great respect. But today's students smoke in front of their teachers and showcase all types of bad behaviour.

Sanskrit and Hindi subjects are losing ground in the school. Science subject are the most popular subject of modern education. We notice the scientific behavioural reflection in our society. Criminals and Mafia are increasing in numbers. These bad people might be moulded at correct path in their schooling period. 

I think it is our duty to save our culture and tradition from vanishing. We will no more be an original society but will be a copy of few western societies. Therefore we must save our traditional values at most. 
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