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Dec 30, 2014

New year Quote 2015 | Happy New Year Greetings 2015 | New Year Message 2015

Resolution is the stimulant of New feel and drive in our life.
Even we repeat it again and again
Even we laugh and make jokes of it
Even we fail to come up with it .
Even we forget few of it
Even we grown up to 60
Even we reach at the door of frustration.
Therefore, Make resolutions it can change your life.
Happy New Year 2015

By Akbar Ali

Everything looks right from own side
everything looks wrong from Opposite side
We justify other's view negatively
We appreciate ours view positively
Let us rationalise both side of the coin
Let us understand the totality.
Happy New Year 2015

May God swallow Brutality of 2014
And May God spread pity and tranquillity everywhere
May God inject New way of thinking in us.
Happy New Year 2015

In old time honesty was prevalent street to street.
House Doors were without lock and key.
Thievery was sin in most realistic sense.
"Good-will" was overruling Animosity .
May God bless the world to understand the value of human quality
May God bring justice and equality in 2015
With these words, I wish you & your family member a happy New Year 2015 .

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Dec 25, 2014

428 Words Essay What I Will Do When I Get 1 Crore Rupee

By Satyam Jha

Money is something that can put a lot of mental pressure if it is fetched with an amount much above normal range of a person.

This is in that sense this question is asked that" what will you do if you become a Millionaire suddenly." This is also a perceptive test for a normal person to bring  out his future ambition. --Read the essay below.

Suppose If, I get one crore then, I will help poor people and, I will buy new clothes for those people who is suffering from cold. I will donate Rs 2 lakh to Ashram and I will spend 30 lakh for studying M.B.B.S. It is because my aim is to become a Doctor. I believe in that "Helping to people is to surviving to god". I will also donate 5 lakhs rupees to Orphanage. Thus around 40 lakhs rupees will be out of my pocket and I will be left with rupees 60 lakhs. I will save it for my future plan. I will be writing about my plan a little bit latter. After  completing  MBBS, I will buy a car not for exercising my enjoyment but I will use it for my targeted business.

I will make a team with orphan children ; whom I donated previously.  with the saved money I will open a simple dispensary to treat poor at very cheap rate. There will be a medical store next to my dispensary. This shop will be run by the orphan children . I will train them for operating computer and particularly train them about the Medical store software that will be  our great tool to succeed in the business. We will keep medicine rate minimum such that we all can carry out our lives with a little future saving. The minimum rate of my visiting fee and medicine will be the main drive of our business. This strategy certainly will work because we will be able to keep smile on the face of poor people as well as we will win the business competition by providing branded medicine at nominal rate. We make daily analysis of my business trends our database will  be created on the basis of people  , medicine disease and profitability. We will generate a daily basis medicine order list to be remain invested at minimum and for effectiveness of medicine.  It is because our target is the smile on the face of poor.  Our prime purpose to help poor will win the race and I will be very happy to see the happy people around me.

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Dec 19, 2014

264 Words Short Essay on Winter Morning For Grade 7

(264 Words):

Winter mornings are cools with clear sky. It is refreshing and pleasant with low temperature. Winter is my favourite season and so the morning is also very special to me. I dearly love to have coffee with my family members in the winter morning. We also chat with each other with a cup of tea near the fireplace. The fog which falls make the surrounding invisible to see.

On Saturday and Sunday I wake up early in the morning at 5 o' clock with my grandmother. I go for a morning walk with her. It is very refreshing to start a day with a winter morning walk The white fog widespread all around and the tiny water droplets on leaves and grass look very beautiful. I feel enthusiastic and like to do my work in a more systematic way. I sit for my study after the walk and feel that time perfect for my study. After the sunshine I play badminton with my brother and my father also. I and my brother also go for cycling together in the street.

Sitting nearby a fireplace and reading story book is my favourite time of winter. Sometimes I also do sketching near the fireplace. My favourite beverage is coffee; which I mostly like to have in winter season. Everyone like to spend their time in different way in winter season. People usually like to eat varieties of green vegetables that are available in this season.  Few people also go for picnic in winter. Christmas makes this season very special. Winter morning out blooms with different flowers also.

Keywords: winter postcards, winter morning,
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Dec 12, 2014

A Short Speech on Health is Wealth

By Aditya Sahani:  I would wish to speak with you all on a awfully vital topic that's health is wealth.

If you sit a lot of of the time, for many of the times and months, You'll turn overweight, idle, workless, worthless and ultimately health-less. If this goes on, naturally you won't live healthy lives, and neither can all people. In past time, our great, intelligent grandparents used robust way of lifestyle and managed their bread and butter by doing hard work for farming,  tilling, planting, harvesting to get their two times meal.

 Today, the general public suffer from various type of diseases like high pressure, gout, heart failure and stress-related illness that price the planet billions of bucks. The planet ought to currently stop intake and sleeping sort of a pig, and strive against some exercises. Doctor says , many say today I say the best formula of being healthy and happy. Just walk three to four kilometer @ 5 to 6 km/hr speed and check the differences of your sleeping, eating and feeling of today and previous time . 

Thank you !

Keywords: speech english class, healthy habits, short speeches for kids
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Dec 5, 2014

Black Money Essay for Class 12

(663 Words ) :

Illegally made income or the income not declared for tax purpose is called black money.

Having undeclared money or hiding money in cash or in other form outside the country is also known as black money. High Networth Individual ( HNI ), private companies, politicians   of any nation have higher   linkage to black money and they are also remain in the highest suspicion for the illicit money flow outside the country.

 Black money had been also a political stunt for gathering publicity in the process of election. 

Black money is directly related to tax evasion and money laudering. The act of evading taxable income by act of malpractices the legal tools or by means of corrupt official, individual, mediator etc. is called tax evasion. Thus the amount hoarded by spreading or manipulating among the available financial tools is the black money. Lack of strong political will and due to weak judiciary system, black money system grows and persists in our society.

This is not the problem of an individual country. It is prevailing about everywhere except few places; where value of life is overruling all the negatives of human values. It is also because dishonesty, greed, selfishness etc by the people for the few people creates very good atmosphere of black money dealings. It is also because government sometime unfairly does not prove itself in truthful action despite collecting tax fairly, thereby compelling people to think in black way. For example while buying a land people many times deal by lowering the values of a land to evade tax. It is because government doesn't rate the land and has no power to buyback the land if its value is challenged by anyone or group of people. These are the loop holes of tax system. Similarly there are such loop holes in the system of many countries that are utilised by few to export illicit fund outside the country.

Black money got high talk in media in India in 2011 when Anticorruption movement came in focus. People used right to information ( RTI) tool to know about any financial or important deal or information.

Recently elected Indian government in 2014 promished high to bring back the black money from international pockets.  It also warned in tough tell to take a check on money laundering. In this connection supreme court of India issued an order to  set up  special Investigtion Team (SIT) and had given last day limit as May 28,2014. Present government formed the Committee  under retired justice M B shah on 27-05-2014 (one day in advance). Switzerland recently (2014) has amended its laws to help tax authorities of countries like India to provide information about the  people hoarding black money in Swiss pocket. It has also agreed on  not letting Account holders know this information. 

Switzerland has given information about Indian holding  in Switzerland bank as around. Rs. 9000 crore or 2.18 billion Swiss francs till 2012 record.  Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a non-profitable organisation located at Washington DC reported in 2010 that India lost $213 billion to illicit financial flow between 1948 to 2008  and most of the illicit funds flow found from High networth Individual ( HNI ) India ranked fifth  country in the world for exporting illicit money according to GFI report. GFI has valued present illicit money outflow from India to the tune of $462 billion. 

India was ranked 94 out of 176 countries in Transparency. Bribery payer index  is 7.5 out of 10 in 2011. Corruption control rank was 36% in 2010. (source: Transparency International). India has signed a treaty with many countries and Institution like  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to check the back money issues. We should be fare and try to put a pressure on the system to be positive for paying tax. We should also find out a way to check the evil activities of few politicians who think that what is other's is theirs and what they have is already theirs.

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