May 18, 2018

Competition Destroys the Creativity Essay For Class 12

Creativity is inherent, it is probably the one thing no one can steal from a person. Creativity gives us wings to fly, make our own path, and stand out among billions of people. But today's world is dominated by competition.

Ayn Rand, a Russian writer says "A Creative Man is motivated by the Desire to Achieve, not by the desire to beat others". The world is constantly moving towards being better, which only increases competition. While leaving one's comfort zone has become a common form of motivation, more and more people are going through their everyday chores because, in orcoder to survive, they have to be ahead in the competition.

This brings me to the topic “Competition kills Creativity”. While I support the notion, there is a fine line between healthy competition and the trouble-making ones. A healthy competition, especially within one's niche, drives a person to be better. However, a competition that is driven by the maddening thoughts of being better than everyone (especially for survival), will only lead to demotivation and thereby, an end to one’s creative side. When there is competition, people start comparing themselves to others, which mostly leads to demotivation and unnecessary stress. The stress leads to a cascade of other events and a person is forced to give in to the ways of the society. Right from the childhood, we are taught of ways to face the world, be it studies, job, etc. While a few people try really hard to explore their creative side, they receive scornful comments on how creativity might not make them the best.

Competition Destroys the Creativity Essay

Most industries create a competitive environment among their employees. The central goal is to lead the employees to give their best so that the company can stay ahead in the market and gain more profit. While this is constructive competition, peer pressure among employees can be dangerous. The determination to provide better results for promotion, salary etc. can sometimes go horribly wrong. Sometimes it’s the people around you who push you into believing that you need to lose everything to stay ahead of them all.

Competition should be supportive. This is what a healthy competition is where people can grow and explore their talents without giving in to the pressures of the society. An encouraging competition will make people brave enough to pursue their creativity and live the life they want to live. The competition also fills one with survival skills and foster innovation, where coming out of their comfort zone isn't a humungous task, and where people help each other flourish. Competition can be helpful and well as harmful and depends greatly on the surroundings and people. It also depends on people's perspectives and how they want to handle competition. A well-planned person can let his creativity live among the growing competition. Creativity is a fuel that runs the world, and it should be kept going. That's how historic events happen, and that's how we become a better person every day.

The above is in favaour of the topic. You can also write against to this topic.

Complete question is like this: Competition Destroys the Creativity Essay : Give Your views for and against the proposition.

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