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Mar 27, 2015

Society Can be Transformed by Better People Essay | Not by Laws

670 words --> "Society can be transformed by better people not by laws"-

Making laws is not an achievement for us. We cannot transform a bad society by laws. However taking the goodness of a good society into account, government of every nation has formulated social laws to make society happy.

At certain extent it is helpful. It cannot be rejected at all. But society cannot be run by laws if the participating people don't follow these laws. If they deny or overlook these laws, then no any government can put a servant behind each and every people and it is not possible at all. Rules cannot be practiced forcefully but practice can be transformed into rules. That's why it is generally said that "practice is the rule". Therefore it is the practice and uses by the people for the people that can transform a bad society into a good one.

Society is a place where people interact with each other they share  their thoughts and views.  A good society depends upon the people living there.

A good society refers to good people living in that locality, street etc.; where they talk with each other and care  everyone's  need and interest. Also they remain positive to help each other. They participate together in the problems of local people they never quarrel or create problems for other. There is a unity among them and love, honesty integrity and truthfulness prevail at  every corner of the society. Whenever a problem arises for any member of the society, then everyone help that person. For example if someone become debtors due to his financial crisis, then many with a small contribution can accumulate a lot for taking the affected person out of financial crisis. In this type of society everyone has a belief that bad days are very common and it can fetch to any one of us. So we must behave as a bigger family like a co-operative system.

Whereas a bad society refers to a group of people who have quarrelsome nature, self centered, uncooperative. The people carry their problem on their own head. Sharing caring is not noticed. Therefore any small problem fetches someone sometimes to death. The people hide good information, things or other thing. Therefore they remain limited in all fronts. They don't believe the formula of sharing and caring. They often fight or quarrel for small thing ; which has no value for both of them. This leads to wastage of time and increase their tension. Day by day the people of this type of society become ill minded. This type society has no unity and any social bonding. I reject these type of societies and condemn the formula of this kind of living.

Earlier people used to sit together in the morning or at evening. They used to gossips. These gathering generally created good practices to follow that set example of good society created by practicing the talk that generalized the people to follow something in the right direction.

One more important point I want to share here that more rules create more complexities and make people limited and inhuman in nature thereby destroying social thread. For example now a day's people remains in fear of helping a men fell by accident on the road. They think that police will ask a lot questions regarding the accident and his daily life might be complicated in the mess of laws. Therefore overdose of rule is very unhealthy for any society. This is the one reason people become selfish and self centered. Economic unbalances and disparity in right of opportunities create fight among the societies.

We need to think in human way, honest way, integral way to create a healthy society and healthy nation. It is also important to set right people at the top and in the system of laws. Bad government servant can never create good society because good society arises from the spark of thinking and not by fire of misconceptions.

That is why some great men have correctly said that society can only be transformed by better people.

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Mar 20, 2015

An Event By Which I got Afraid Essay | Discussion Paragraph For Grade 8

It was Tuesday  14th October 2014, when I was to catch Bagh Express Train from Basti railway station with my family.   It was third consecutive day of Hud-hud cyclone .

"Hud hud was a cyclonic storm that occurred in India in the month of  October. It originated in Andaman sea on 8th October . It has its greater effect in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. Actually I went to Basti to see my grandfather. He was not well and he needed checkups. I went to Basti with my family during Puja vacation  and our school was going to open on 16th October . So we needed to go to Durgapur as soon as possible. From morning it was raining very heavily. There were no vehicles moving on the road. 

  However we had booked a Auto Ricksaw(Tempu) on 13th October . My father was calling the driver but he was not responding. Ultimately my father took the bike of my uncle and went to the driver of Ricksaw(Tempu). He denied to go to station because of bad weather. My father could not put pressure on him because of bad weather. 

Immediately an idea came in our mind. My father went to the bus stand and put extra payment proposal to a Ricksaw(Tempu) driver. He agreed on the double fare rate. We left out after my father changed his wet dress and taking few warmth of the electric heater. My father 's body was sinking because of cold. We get on the Ricksaw(Tempu)and left for railway station. We all were in fear of accident because the wind and rain was roaring . It seemed that the Ricksaw(Tempu) will be drawn away besides the road. We all we getting wet from both sides of the tempu doors. Somehow we could save us from only 3 km journey. This half an hour journey was highly fearful for me . I never found caught myself in such type of difficulty. we changed our dresses in the washroom of the railway station. we got relief after getting into the train.

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Mar 13, 2015

Write about Someone You Admire | Doing Right Thing in a difficult situation | Write in Your Words

The question of this kind of article will be like this: Write about Someone You Admire for doing the Right Thing in a very difficult situation . share what you admired about this person and the way they handled it.

I have never seen such a challenging situation in one's life and pray to God not to throw anyone into a situation like this; what I am going to share here.

There is a girl in my neighborhood who exhibited this kind of potential. This is completely surprising. I think this was a biggest shock of her life when her mother expired at a very young age; when she was eight years old only. Her mother left her and her two years young brother; who cannot live a while without mother. I cannot even imagine life under this kind of difficult situation. But heads off to his father and the girl; who took the challenge and adapt themselves in this circumstance.

The girl was already a child, but after her mother's death she had to perform on behalf of her mother for her younger brother for all daily activities. She used to help her father for cooking. Her father immediately used to leave her at 6 AM for his office. Her duty was to keep cooked food properly, locking the house before going to school. Now she would arrange for preparing tiffin for herself and taking her brother with her she used to go to school.

She had carried out what is not logical for her and as of then she was not eligible for the burden of that kind. My heart used to break out to see her daily activities. I shares her gossips very often with my mother. Whenever my mom cooked delicious food , I every time gave her . I felt very pride all time while helping her from my sides. After watching her smile I used to cherish my feeling from bottom of my heart. It is my great memory in my life. Also I took her life as biggest learning in my life. I wouldn't wish this but if fall in trouble I must follow her to carry out life even at most opposite condition. I have never seen such a girl throughout my life. I kept all her memory in photographs and writings. I learnt one thing from her that we shouldn't fell down in my trouble time. Weeping and crying is a part and parcel of human feelings. But we must search and try to find our surrounding resources . One thing I must start to work out our daily requirements. One sure finds its way. Because It is the God who are casting our life from his control room. He is testing us and must follow the other creation of God like birds ; which has no food even for its next meal. But it is the almighty God ; who arrange that.

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Mar 6, 2015

198 Words Essay on Favourite Festival

By Irana

A festival is the celebration of life . Festivals bring joy and love to the masses .

India is the land of festivals. Festivals are nothing but expression of ones gratitude , joy, appreciation and love. As different communities belonging to different religions live here.  Therefore many festivals are celebrated .

Every festival has gots its own place . But my favourite festival is Eid ul fitr . Eid ul fitr is an Islamic festival . It takes place at the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting where people where people don't eat or drink in the day and break their fast in the evening . For Muslims this featival of Eid ul fitr is a occasion of showing gratitude to God and remembering him. On this day every muslim wears a new dress. Many of them distribute dresses and food to the poor known as Zakat. On this day many delicious dishea are the main attraction specially for children . Special sweet known as sewai is prepared . Eid ul fitr is a festival that shows brotherhood and family reunion . Muslims all around the world celebrate this festival. This festival brings happiness all around.

Keyword : Ireland favourite festivals are
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