May 8, 2015

Bicycle Learning Story of My Papa (Father)

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My papa (father) was poor at his childhood time. Being poor he was very happy and he was passing a healthy village life. As my family was big therefore financial crisis was always there in the family. Therefore he had no financial capacity to buy a bicycle.

One of my papa's friends named Satyanarayan, had a bicycle, but he never used to hand over the bicycle to my papa for riding. Satyanarayan used to say his problem of balancing a bicycle. He also used to share his pain and gain of riding, paddling , falling and entertainment of riding with my papa. My papa got an idea to get his bicycle for learning.  Satyanaragan used to defecate at farm or in big tree garden of our village. This is very funny tale you will laugh at this idea. But the overwhelming eagerness of our childhood time is so high that we can compare it with Everest. I think we all experienced this even if we have grown up at this time. This is very funny for anybody to take this type of advantage, but my had had no any other option. At childhood time small short cut ideas often comes in our mind. When Satyanarayan was about to sit for defecation then and there my father utilised this opportunity. My papa used to be ready when he usually stand his bicycle. Within that period of time my papa used to ride on his bicycle besides his screaming. In one month he repeated this trick to learn the bicycle riding. Satyanarayan used to abuse my father. This process lasted for about one month. He also used to comment as a bad friendship model about this type of exploitation. My father used to laugh and ultimately both were starts laughing. The matter used to become cool down as both were very fast friend. This was how my father learned bicycle riding. We have notice the painful crisis of not having a bicycle. We usually have everything available from our parents, even we doesn't show positive sense for learning anything.

One day my father and Satyamarayan were returning from Githini market (Name of the market) on the bicycle. My father was driving the bicycle. On a narrow path One of my papa's neighbor Fulai Pandit was going towards market on his own bicycle. Pandiji never saw my father on bicycle riding. He got nervous thinking that my father is an amateur driver. He lost his balance and his bicycle handle was spinning left and right. Seeing this scene my father also lost his balance. Ultimately both the bicycle collided and both front tiers have gotten damaged . This was the first and last accident of my father in his life. It is causes a small financial loss at that time . It was not more as compared to that market condition. But it carried in father's mind very negatively.

We generally have listened very entertaining stories of our parents. If you have your parent's story or short tale, then share it in comment box.

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